In the spirit of match-making, who do you have a crush on?

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  • damselfly

    I know what you mean Daystar, I was wondering where the fun had gone to on here.

    Daystar & Brigid up a tree........ heehee



  • Brigid
    Damn! I see that Brigid outed us.

    As if we were fooling anyone.

    Okay now I can add my extra crushes (you know, outside of my cybergod, Daystar):

    Elsewhere (so cute and sweet; makes me want to give him a big ole' hug)

    Little Toe (who here does not have a crush on Little Toe, after I saw the pic of him in a kilt on Thom's...well...)

    I miss ole' tetrapod

    Girl crush on Sparki and Arrowstar

    IP_sec (now why do I mention him immediatley after Arrowstar??? : )

    In Between (you know the new kid on the board who's avatar looks like Vin Deisel?)

    fag-hag crush on PaulMarshall (he's so smart!)


    Too many to mention...I'll think of more.


  • Brigid

    OOOOHHH, Dams, you get added to my girl crush list (I love fairies : )

    and don't worry, hon, I'll share my little slice of Daystar with ya any time (I play well with others).


  • Brigid

    Jourles, Jourles, Jourles!!! I got on your list?!?!?! Even though it's only because I live in Colorado, for which you share an affinity, thank you.

    You may be on my list now (such a cute little boy avatar).


    p.s. Jojochan gets added as well (cute, sensitive~you know he kills with the ladies in real life!)

  • jojochan
    ~Brigid p.s. Jojochan gets added as well (cute, sensitive~you know he kills with the ladies in real life!)

    Oh...if only you knew..I would SO totally give you, whyamihere Ldh and sparkplug total foot worship " There's too many to could I forget about crumpet? I NEVER recieved a complaint in the foot pleasuring department. jojochan...the footsmith.

  • misanthropic
    He sounded young and yummie...........oh yeah............he said he was all muscle

    Yeah, I just now talked briefly with Auldsoul, he does have that nice southern boy accent thing going. What a cutie pie. Caught me off guard though as I was up really late watching horror movies and really out of it right now.

  • AuldSoul

    I can hardly wait 'til MsMcD gets on JWD today! BTW, the "other woman" is misanthropic, and she doesn't sound all that distrustful of humans to me .

    Now to call purps back...

  • MsMcDucket

    What have you all been up to? Gosh, I see that AlmostAthiest came out of the closet! He's being a little on the safe side though. He's smart! He's going to keep ALL of his options open!

    Same thing with Daystar, playing it safe.

    JoJoChan, you're just a pure horndog! (rubbing feet?)

    So who's called who?

  • MsMcDucket

    I had to PM the boss for some technical help. You know poor lady with a flat tire type thing. Eheh! I talked to the ONE! Whoohoo! Don't worry it was all nicities and stuff. But I would have rather heard his British voice! (swoon)

  • misanthropic

    LOL MsMcD- You are So funny!!!

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