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  • Justice-One

    What if the other guy, the BAD guy, can shoot better? (cos obviously all you guys posting here are the good guys. I know that because if I saw you in the street carrying a gun I would just know you were the goodies and not the baddies).

    Plus I thought how really sensitive it was of the NRA to insist on having a gun rally in the town right by Columbine right after the school masacre. I suppose it was so that we could be able to identify the goodies, as opposed to the baddies (the baddies are the ones where there are dead people after they have used their guns. Is there a neat way of identifying the baddies before you see the dead people?)

    Why? Let me try to explain. I take the defense of myself and my family very seriously. And most bad guys cannot shoot. They think like many others, that just having the gun will make them invincible. I on the other hand like many gun owners, have had much practice. I have even spent hard earned money for training at a Firearms Accademy by the name of Gunsite.

    I can see you get most of your firearms related news from the likes of Michael Moore. I'm a life member of the NRA, and I would not have expected them to cancel their plans just because some nut job kids went on a killing spree, and just happened to use a tool called a gun. Do you know how much more damage those kids could have done if they would have used gasoline? And you can be sure that if they would have, there would have been no calls to ban that are NOT protected by our Constitution.

    And unlike in your country where guns in general are just about outlawed. (And yet your crime rate continues to soar...go figure.) If you lived in this country, you would spend a lot of time around folks who ARE armed. Getting a permit (in some states its not even required) to carry a concealed firearm in most states is not hard to do. Even in California it is possible. My point is these people are armed, and no one is the wiser. I mean do you really think the lady in line beside me at the grocery store has a clue that I have a cocked and locked .45 under my jacket?

  • Justice-One

    Some people just don't get it. Some people prefer to walk through life wearing rose colored glasses. There will always be sheep, and there will always be sheepdogs to protect them. I can live with that. A man who would die for nothing has nothing to live for. Some things are bigger than us individually. If we lived in Eden there would be no need of sacrifice and we could talk out our problems with others. But we do not. George Orwell said it very eloquently..."People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."

  • troucul

    only experience I have is with an M9, M4/M16, M249 SAW, M240B, and an AT-4, for obvious reasons...

  • frozen one
    frozen one

    I was raised in a house that had and has firearms. As far as the witlesses were concerned, having firearms where I lived was just a matter of course. Most people in my congregation had them. I have hunted deer and a variety of birds. As far as I can see, unless you are a vegetarian you really shouldn't be concerned about someone taking an animal for food. Those little styrofoam and gladwrap packages of meat that are sold got to the grocery store because somebody killed an animal. Hunters are a lot closer to the source of some of their protein than mere shoppers.

    Anyway, I own a few firearms...a couple of .22 rifles (one of them is a 1906 Winchester pump that was originally owned by my great grandfather), a 12 gauge shotgun I bought when I was 14, a 30.06 I bought when I was 15, and my first handgun, a Smith and Wesson PD4040 that I purchased immediately after receiving a permit to carry a pistol. For those of you that think that gun owners are uneducated hicks, I have a Bachelors in Business Administration and am halfway through an MBA program.

  • frozen one
    frozen one

    Hope this works...

  • alamb

    My new toy with an alloy kit to convert it to a rifle...

  • asleif_dufansdottir
    Im getting the itch to buy another. I've been looking at polymer frames and I cant seem to make up my mind as to wether to buy a full size or a compact. I've been giving the Springfield XD's a serious look though. If I go full size I was thinking about either the new XD45 or even perhaps one of the tatical series. But the size and weight of the sub-compact 3" seems real appealing.

    Hey, I've got an XD9SC I'll trade you for that Mark IV! Seriously. :)

    They make a good carry gun. I haven't shot the full size but I've heard people say there's not much difference in accuracy or shooting between full and sc.

    For many people XDs 'point' nicer than Glocks...more like a 1911, I believe. The guy who made my Sig holster said he really believed there were people that had "Glock" hands and people that had "XD" hands...that the grip angle of one would be natural, and they'd hate the other.

    I have a 15 round mag for my subbie...carry the 10 rd in the gun and a 15 in the belt, conceilable and backup rounds. I was not thrilled with the 10 round mags until I got the Pearce Grip Extension - makes a world of difference.

  • asleif_dufansdottir

    Well, you weren't asking me, but

    • because I can
    • because I like to
    • because bad things happen to good people (a week's worth of watching the Phoenix news every night would make you scared to go outside)

    What if the other guy, the BAD guy, can shoot better?

    That's why I practice. A lot. That, and so I can be safe with my guns. Plus I just like to shoot.

    If the bad guy turns out to be the better shooter, at least I tried.

  • Reefton Jack
    Reefton Jack

    I come from a remote rural background, and grew up around firearms.At one point owned a fair collection of rifles, and in those years did a lot of hunting. However, when I moved to the city some years ago, I got rid of most of my rifles - simply because the opportunities for doing any hunting were no longer there.

    These days, I have taken up smallbore shooting as a hobby - and as a way of keeping my eye in. (I still have dreams of one day moving back to the bush!)

    I do, however, have reservations about how much protection carrying a gun on your person actually affords. I say this from my own experience. During the years 2003 - 2005, I lived in a certain Third World country with a particularly bad violent crime problem. Had I been legally able to arm myself at that time, I would have done so. (Previous writers here have mentioned how Gun Control Laws only penalise the legitimate gun owner!)

    However, the only people that I knew during that time who got shot were both carrying a gun on their person.

    There was at least one instance in which I would have used a gun if I had had one. Even that would not have not prevented the stoning attack that had taken place on my vehicle - use of the gun would have been done in a fit of rage afterwards(I was bloody ropable by then!), and to "teach the ######s a lesson."

    Also, given the "payback" system that operates in that country,tremendous problems would have resulted from any such shooting (fatal or otherwise). Later,in the sober light of day, I had to agree with others that it was just as well that I was not armed on that occassion.

    My experiences anyway,


  • Justice-One
    For those of you that think that gun owners are uneducated hicks, I have a Bachelors in Business Administration and am halfway through an MBA program.

    Wow! Congradulations. I've just started a degree in Justice myself.

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