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  • darcy

    Yes, seattle, those articles were fairly awkward in light of today's mentality. Humorous even.

    Seems to me, WTS has done exactly what anyone in authority has done. But they're new to it, so they screw up more. The Catholic church for instance has had almost 2,000 years practice, and they're real smooth.

    They claim a high position, i.e. mouthpiece of God, and make a mistake. Well, since everyone's expecting perfection, indeed why shouldn't they, it is their future, is it not? So, now it's like, ooh, how are we gonna fix this one? They try, they struggle. I don't know a single religion that hasn't, that doesn't.

    It's like the magic man who screws up his trick, and is trying to patch it in front of everyone watching. It's like when you (do I dare...) Fuck up, and when asked what happened, you present a less harsh version of yourself in the muddle.

    Difference is, these guys, WTS are in the big spotlight. They're rough still being there, but getting better. Sounds pretty normal to me.

    Doesn't excuse it, no. But it's another reason why I focus on, what are the Bible based beliefs, let's look beyond all the scandal. No religion can stand when it's scandal's are investigated. But now take a look at the belief system. I.E. I'm not a Catholic b/c I do not agree with the Trinity or with Mary being God's mom among other things.

    Hmm... I think I've answered well. Feedback?

  • LyinEyes

    So you do agree with most of the JW teachings? Even disagreeing or not beleiving even one of the main teachings of JW is enough to get you booted out and called an apostate. That's all it took for me.

    Bascially that is why I am not a JW today, because at first it was just a couple of things I found true fault with. I found out more with time and my conscience would not allow me to be part of that religion anymore. I literally could not keep quite or keep my feelings to myself and say to myself, well I have my own viewpoint and try to go on to each and every meeting and be what they wanted me to be.

    If you ever tell your elders what you are saying , or thinking , your doubts they will mark you , with apostasy in mind.

  • darcy

    Well, lyineyes, thank you for that well intended warning. I will consider it, as I do with all things.

  • LyinEyes

    Darcy I only wish I had taken my time on my own way out, not saying that is your intention , but that's your choice. When I was found out, I didnt get to play by my own rules, I thought I had to be honest and be so true to myself. Well I still believe that, but I would have done things in my own time instead of theirs, I would have not played by their rules at all.

    When I disassociated myself, I was not completly sure of myself or my resolve as I wish I would have been. It was so hard to lose my religion and if I had been able to give myself more time it would have saved me some pain.

  • r51785

    Darcy, I've enjoyed reading this thread very much. You remind me a little bit me 25 years ago when I decided after being raised in "the truth" to leave and go attend college. I even read Ayn (please don't pronounce it "Ann") Rand. You mention that you dabbled in Wican. Have you ever examined what the Watchtower perjoratively labels as "Christendom?" I have found that the non-denominational Christian church I attend has taught me more about the Bible and the love of Jesus than all my twenty-four years of attending the Kingdom Hall. You need to spend more time in the ministry. I suggest you pioneer. I was a pioneer for five years and this played a vital part in my rejection of the Watchtower. How so? (with a tip of the cap to Fred Franz) It was in the ministry that I met decent Christian people. I conducted Bible studies with them but in reality they were studying with me. Learn about "Christendom" from a source other than the Watchtower. Read more books. Especially "1984" by George Orwell. Learn about the "memory hole" and the "Ministry of Truth." Read "A Distant Mirror" by Barbara Tuchman. Research the word "Preterism." Learn all you can and have fun. My college years were in many ways the best of my life. It's a wonderful thing to be able to form and express ideas without fear. Good night and Good Luck Bob Skari

  • sinamongurl


    just be carefule that u r not trying to be a "witness" in name only just in case they might be right and can gain salvation.....cuz having a thinking mind will eventually end u up out of the organization

    do u openly discuss ur "unorthodox" ideas with those in the cong, more specifically the elders?

    just be really really careful if being df'd is not ur goal


  • Soledad
    She might be a house nigga, but she's still a slave.

    Feel me?

    Oh shyte!!

    Beat me to the punch again Lisa!

  • darcy

    oh it's just kinda nice to have a place to blab out everything I feel. It's great cause my Witness friends always ask why I'm so happy all the time. Ain't that a kick, huh?

    oh dear. I'll blab, and might get burned. It's the risk I take, right?


    no risk, no reward.

  • Gerard
    You see, I respect the Society, but I am not a slave to them. I regard them, and choose how I shall react to their dictates. For the most part, it's easy to oblige.

    So you oblige their dictates yet you think you have independence....

    Compliance to a money-making corporation disguized as a non-profit is a poor choice by someone who claims has independent thinking. Could it be that you just put up with it just because your Mom is a JW? You know, questioning your "reality" might be beneficial to your future.

  • LyinEyes

    Darcy blab all you want here , no one is telling the elders here a thang! It is a good thing to talk about what you are feeling , you get good feedback and you can make your own choices on what you do with your life. I do know some people who totally do not believe in any of the JW stuff anymore , yet they are still elders, active etc, because of work issues, and many for family reasons and I can totally understand that. Each to his own, and in a year you may be in a totally different place than you are now, I know that is how it happened for me when I first came here.

    Take your time and blab about whatever you want , you seem to have a good head on your shoulders and will make the best choices for the good of yourself. In the end,,,,,,,,"to thine own self be true". You don't answer to anyone.

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