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  • darcy

    you make a good point.

    I'll keep it in mind.

  • darcy

    dang, it's hard to figure out where the new posts are, and to keep up.

  • Confession

    Hey, Darcy... The way you write reminds me very much of the way I used to think, feel and communicate. Although I was an elder, I also worked in radio for fifteen years, something that would have brought quite a bit of scrutiny on most--but, for some reason--not on me.

    I used to think that the posters here were opportunistic faultfinders, looking under every teaching or quote for reasons to nail the WTS. I suppose some of them might actually be that, but it took time to see that most are not at all.

    Truth is, you'll find that this group is full of dissimilar people. While we have things in common, we have plenty that isn't--and we express ourselves in a great variety of ways.

    Despite the relative freedom you seem to enjoy, I invite you to consider this more closely as you proceed with your life as a Witness. Do they really allow freedom of thought? Do they try to control the thinking and behavior of those within? Can a JW continue with the organization, while openly confessing they don't necessarily recognize this group of men to be God's "sole channel of communication?" And if not, what does this say about those men--when they descend upon that person?

    Here comes another often-used JW word... I commend you for being open-minded enough to come here and participate. You should know that most active JWs are frightened to death to do such a thing. But you're different, aren't you?

  • luna2
    dang, it's hard to figure out where the new posts are, and to keep up.

    Yeah, the board can move pretty fast upon occassion. Using the quote feature can help. Paste that which you wish to comment on into your reply, highlight it and then click on the little quotations marks inside the balloon up in the tool bar.

  • RachelHall

    Just use your Witchtower POWER

    you'll be fast to scrower the thread

    before you go to bed.

  • rebel8
    why doesn't anyone here quote from recent literature instead of all this stuff that's years old. That's like criticicizing Windows 95, instead of examining Windows XP.

    Actually it's nothing like that at all........unless you believe that the infallible Jehovah God and his Holy Spirit directly inspired Microsoft to create its operating systems.....and unless you can explain how Microsoft acknowledging errors bears any resemblance to the WTS blaming its errors on JWs for "misinterpreting".

    Can you explain these things, by the way? How do they compare with the WTS claim that it has always been led by Jehovah?

    Brochure: Are JWs Loving?

    Brochure: Bizarre Medical Myths--Believe it or not!

    Brochure: JWs and Their Beliefs about Blood.

    Brochure: Have JWs Ever Made False Prophecies?

    Brochure: Do Origins Matter?

    Brochure: The Watchtower-United Nations Scandal--Why is it important?

  • darcy

    When you read through Genesis, it must be clear that Jehovah (I don't care it's incorrect pronounciation) doesn't like the wimps.

    Maybe it's right, maybe it's not. I may not return. However, I thought it would be interesting to see what sort of reaction I would get from posting. Although, most replies sound like I did a few years back, and therefore rather depressing, I have enjoyed this experience.

    Well, look folks, I've got bookstudy tonight, and it's goody night. I wanted to try to make some eclairs. After all, I am a French major. So, good night and good luck.



  • darcy

    lol, darling, I'm not here to be the avenging angel, so you'd best put your questions to someone else.

  • RachelHall

    Ducting out are you? I can see you still here and lurking

  • Gerard

    Many people consider universities to be a place for ideas' exchange, for experiencing new perspectives. It seems to me you are enjoying this experience. Good! But I am curious to know how you perceive this religion; Do you feel stimulated to think on your own and question (verbalize) the elder's perpective on the book studies? Do you enjoy the intelectual and social freedom to discuss -with constructive critisism- the WT's changing doctrines with your Bothers & Sisters?

    I perceive that the WT has many imposed intelectual limitations to critical thinking in order to [sort of] implant thought-stopping processes, so I wonder what is it that gives you intelectual stimulation or comfort, other than a vague promise of eternal life?

    I'm glad you are enjoying your experience, I just want a young insider's view.



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