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  • Poztate
    You see, I respect the Society, but I am not a slave to them. I regard them, and choose how I shall react to their dictates. For the most part, it's easy to oblige. Maybe I'm just a modest person at heart and so it's easy for me. I don't know.

    If you respect them then it is clear you do not know them.Spend a little time and research the subject. I believe you are making all of your decisions based on emotion not fact.

  • seattleniceguy

    Hi Darcy,

    I'd be interested in a specific response to my post, if you're so inclined.


  • bavman


    If I said everything you just said to my elder Dad or any of the elders I would find myself in hot water (wait...I already am). However, your circumstances are different. You have found a way to make things work for you (at least for now). I say 'fine with that'. Also, judging by your last post (cuz I haven't read them all) you seem pretty damn cool. Too bad there aren't more like you in the borg. Actually, the way you are going about things reminds me of how I use to (I'm very laid back also). The problem is eventually they catch on to you. Maybe they will with you or maybe not. I wish you the best...

  • LyinEyes

    Darcy it sounds as if you are maybe from a younger generation of JW's than I was from. We were not encouraged, to read open minded literature because how could you have time to read any other material than JW?

    In my day guilt was the word,,,,,,the society was never flawed if you thought so in the back of your mind, you thought it was your problem.

    I only wish I could have thought the way you are saying.

    Maybe it was my generation but then again that was before you could do research behind closed doors on the internet. I wonder if I would have back then, if I thought I could have gotten away with it? I doubt it,,,,, I would have been ate up with guilt and had to confess.

  • itsallgoodnow

    you make a good point, lyineyes! I sometimes wonder how this younger generation will change things, you know - the y generation (why generation?). It could become the norm to pick and choose what they want and leave what they don't and maybe not be so harsh and judgemental about it. That could lessen the pain this religion has been causing many people. I don't know how that would go over in most congregations I know, but maybe it's what's in store for the future. who knows.

  • darcy

    I'll relate an experience I had once that I believe exemplifies at least a portion of the root of the problem

    Once, an elder whose family I often spoke to, said something strange to me. I don't remember what he said, but I know it was weird, cause I responded, 'You're really weird, you know that!' A sister, whose daughter I was close friends with, slapped my arm (gently of course) and reprimanded, 'Oh! You can't say that to an elder'.

    I didnt' respond at the time. I was a bit taken aback. Upon reflection however, I wish I had said, 'Hey, he's isn't the Pope... or he isn't a catholic priest... or God... or anyone but someone who handles administrative duties of the congregation.'

    See, that particular sister was an ex-Catholic. So, I have the feeling that she had simply translated a lot of her ideas from catholicism to witnessism. (hmm, i think i've just coined a new term... witnessism)

    Often, there seems to be a trend to treat the congregational arrangement like the clerical hierarchy. I've no explanation or solution for that. I was raised in the truth.

    As for the younger generation changing things... that may not happen. But I'm not terribly in touch with Witness youth worldwide, just my own small section of the globe, and only a handful of people at that.

    Oh, and the fiction. The Ayn Rand... I don't publicize my choice in literature unless asked. I browse the Society's literature as well, but I don't limit it there. Thinking of that, there's this new translation of the Bible out, and the language is just amazing, so clear, so modern, and you can read so many of the verses and go, 'oh wow. I get, like, on my level, what this guy's saying now.' I'll look it up and find the name.

  • free2beme

    Sounds like you have already left and are in the fringe stage of the exit, where you claim to not agree with everything and yet you still think they are right about the core doctrine. A common stage. Seen it many times and I know people on here have, as well. Welcome to the dark side.

  • kazar

    Welcome Darcy and Smellsgood! Please stick around. I am really looking forward to your posts.

  • carla

    up their ass----this coming from a current jw?! Isn't that what most trolls accuse jw's of leaving doing? the ever famous, 'you just want to leave so you can curse, ....etc....can't live up to our high standards, blah, blah, blah

    but someone who handles administrative duties of the congregation.'----Doesn't the wt claim that the elders are appointed by the holy spirit? not merely one who 'handles administrative duties of the cong'. Wouldn't thinking like that be 'running ahead of the org'?

    If indeed, it is spirit directed, it sounds as though Jehovah is letting them do exactly what he's done with nearly every servant in history: struggle----This is entirely contrary to wt teachings and would be cause for df-ing. The current teaching is still that jah does lead the jw's and only the jw's. The jw's are His ONLY mouthpiece upon earth, according to jw doctrine, no 'if's' about it allowed.

    Sounds like you want to be your 'own' person and think a bit for yourself. Congrats, you already have one foot out of the wt. Have you talked over these ideas and feelings you have with an elder yet?

  • darcy

    What for??????

    To get the big thumbs up, that's OK??

    What happens then? I feel happy b/c he said ok? God, this sounds like a worldly friend of mine who was into BDSM (yes I think that's twisted stuff) and her description of how the slave/master bit works.

    I'm not... no one should be... grovelling here.

    Stop talking in absolutes. They don't exist beyond Jehovah and throughout the natural world of his creation. Human flaws clearly show they don't exist with us, so when we talk social issues, don't use absolutes. Always, never.

    And you. You my friend have no place here to judge whether I'm disfellowshipping material. Some people do. You don't. Why don't we both sit back and let other people deal with judgement and get stressed out about it? Life's much simpler that way.

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