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  • stevenyc

    Hi Darcy, and welcome to JWD.

    Have you checked out yet?


  • AuldSoul

    So...if I am understanding correctly you are choosing not to respond to my post at all beyond a blithe reference to parousia? He still specifically instructed rejection of anyone who claimed to know where he is or what he was doing, and instructed us to reject false prophets.

    In the same chapter you choose as evidence that we are living during Christ's presence we find sound reason for rejecting a group that launched itself primarily as a group of false prophets who were teaching that the Great Pyramid of Giza was God's testament in stone. The "Divine Plan of the Ages" was based on "measurements" of various aspects of the pyramid.

    If we look back at what the organization was teaching in 1914 it is impossible to believe that they were chosen by Christ, given that anyone who was an actual Bible student would reject them based on what Christ is recorded to have said. (Matthew 24; Mark 13; Luke 17; 21) Why would Christ tell people to reject those he was going to choose as his spokepersons?

    I am beginning to think you don't really want to discuss the Scriptural basis for their beliefs. I am beginning to think you want to believe what they pipe into your brain so that you won't feel uncomfortable continuing to teach what they claim is Bible-based doctrine. If you actually want to discuss the Scriptural basis for their beliefs, why aren't you doing so?

    Additionally, the signs were not given in reference to Jehovah's consideration of length of time. When it came to prophecy for his people, Jehovah considered 70 years for Babylon a long time, 40 years in the wilderness a long time, and three and one half years as long enough to warn against getting too comfortable. He uses expressions such as "one hour" and "in that very day" to signify a short time. So, yes, unless you can explain why I should believe otherwise he considers 90 years a long time for humans to endure any oppressive circumstance.

    Since you like parousia as a period of time, take a gander at 2 Peter 3:12, just a few verses after the infamous (and overused) "one a thousand years" verse. Do you believe God views one day as a thousand years, or do you only apply that verse in its most doctrinally convenient form? We will table for the moment the unquestionably spurious insertion of the name Jehovah into the text of 2 Peter 3:8 in the NWT.

    Please get rid of any expectation that WTS-think will go unchallenged in this forum. I don't mean disrespect to you by directly challenging your assertion that their doctrines are Bible-based. If I didn't respect you I wouldn't bother discussing this with you at all. I look forward to your considered reply to the individual points I raised on page 6 of the posts.


  • TheListener

    Frankly, I'm not sure why Matthew 24 has to have a greater fulfillment. It's obvious in the text Jesus is talking about the destruction of Jerusalem in 70CE. Why must we expand it and try to apply it to today. And, since the 1914 date is illogical and against the scriptures we don't have a real basis for saying that Matthew 24 (if giving it future application) has even begun yet.

    Remember, the world is bad, but it can get much much worse. Try studying the middle ages for starters.

  • darcy

    where does he say the bit about avoiding those who know where he is or what he's doing?

    I'm not avoiding it. It seems I'm just not up to par with the answering standards here. So, for the defense. (ah, me, seems to be alot of this) I was intrigued by your comment, and went online to look through as many different bibles as possible, which I posted (although in hindsight probably didn't need to) and then stated that based off of strong's definition that the first interpretation of the word parousia is presence, and secondly coming, so it doesn't seem unreasonable for the NWT to read as such.

    I retract the statements about 90 years, and 2 Pe 3.8. That was pure speculation, perhaps even excuse making.

    I do wish you wouldn't act as though I'm being flippant with you with my response, or dismissive in any way. Er, If there's a point you think I've missed, you can let me know so without the subtle implications that I'm an assinine christian.

    Y'all ought to know I'm not able to defend every dumb thing WTS has done. In fact, I'm not going to. I'll rehash that I didn't register on the site to be the avenging angel of the Governing Body. Ok.

  • TheListener

    Darcy, what did you think of my Nimrod thread? Personally, I'm proud of it. It's some of my best work :)

  • darcy

    In addition, what sort of response would make you happy? Would you like me to just give it all up right now? To denounce? To curse God and die? To curse WTS? Reread your former post. What interested me was the bit about mat. 24.3. I've read the bits about unfulfilled prophecy plenty of times on this website, and there's nothing I can say to it. Or, perhaps there is? If so, why don't you tell me what it is you think I ought to say to you in the future? And then I'll use that reply for you for your satisfaction.

    My regrets, Auldsoul, but you'll notice I only respond to the bits that interest me, so let's take the optimistic view: at least I responded, hmm?

  • darcy

    where is it?

  • TheListener

    Under bible research and study topics.

    I had trouble posting my text so the first few posts are me messing up. But, I think it gets good after that. There is some interesting discussion about Nimrod and what he did or didn't do. Not everyone agrees but it's fun talking about it.

  • darcy

    yes I saw that ages ago. And I know about it from first hand experience. My dad had a bit o' a temper.

  • peggy

    Darcy------WELCOME. I have enjoyed your posts and hope that some of the strong replies won't send you running. Your optimism is refreshing and the fact that you are willing to share on this board and discuss your thoughts is wonderful. Some here on the board, will only find happiness if you become a hard core APOSTATE! You will be held UP as an example of their ACCOMPLISHMENT. Walk your own path, for it is YOURS to walk. I myself am inactive, I attend meetings to maintain relationships. I no longer believe key doctrine that the JW's teach. I feel no NEED influence anyone else with what I believe.


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