Who has Tattoos?

by Good Girl or Bad Girl? 117 Replies latest jw friends

  • Sparkplug

    Good Girl or Bad Girl?- It is just I like fairies also. I have 5 hearts on my ankle and a sunflower on my lower back.

    Along with a tribal below my sunflower. I also have a naval piercing that I have had for over ten years now, and a second naval ring that I have had since infancy. I was fed through my tummy and the needle healed like a ring hole.

    So...I just had one for forever it feels like. I also had my nose pierced twice and recently thought about opening it back up. But need some correct rings and not this makeshift thing I keep finding. So those have been there 16 years now.

    The five hearts are for my children and stepchildren I had. Other than that, I think I was just rebelling. Anything sentimental or meaningful is in my heart.

    Oh...The letters or words are Harmony. A play on an last name I had, along with my goal in life...

  • Beep,Beep

    I don't. Too afraid of needles I guess.

  • freedomlover

    wow - some really beautiful tatts on here.

    my next one will be lower back or my hip. I want something celtic in origin because that's my heritage and I love many symbols of celtic design.

    I don't care if my tatts show because I'm NEVER going back to the org. There is only person I don't want to see it, my grandma, and I can hide it when I'm around her. :)

  • OpenFireGlass
    OpenFireGlass - OMG I cannot believe you actually tattooed yourself!!! That's pimp.

    Actually looking back at it; That was GHETTO lol

    Where would you get your second tattoo?

    Right where sparky's got her's at least.. If i could afford it I would have my whole back done... Oh by the way, I used to have lot's of piercings (I got over it... glad I didn't stretch my ears, or lip...) Oh yeah I've NEVER had my dinger pierced, so don't go thinkin' anything dirty

    Or if I could find a really talented artist and he could make my whole right arm look like a giant cannabis bud... That would be cool....

  • TresHappy

    None here...

    None will ever be dear.

    I have this fear

    About getting inked on my rear!

  • SixofNine

    I have my daughter's name tattood on the inner walls of my heart's left ventricle (also a heart tattood on my right ventricle; irony has always been very important to me). This process is extremely painful, and only about 25% of people who have the procedure done survive beyond the hospital/studio. Those who live are tough hombres indeed, but a further 10% die from gunshot wounds sustained in bar fights with people who don't believe them about the tattoos.

    Anyway, it's all very special, and made all the more so by the fact that the only people who will ever see it are heart surgeons or medical imaging specialist working with Oxilan, a nonionic contrast medium available from Guerbet LLC (Bloomington, Ind). Its molecular structure includes a hydrophobic region to promote molecular aggregation, reducing the osmolality. The molecular design also features a terminal hydrophilic group, which results in reduced risk of side effects from binding with biological structures. The hydrophilic group also increases the solubility of the molecule.

    Oxilan is indicated intravenously for contrast-enhanced CT head and body imaging and excretory urography. It is indicated intra-arterially for cerebral arteriography, coronary arteriography/left ventriculography, aortography, selective visceral angiography, and peripheral arteriography.

    I only highlighted that last bit because I'm thinking of having something done on my colon, and I wanted to get ideas from you guys.

    ps....I think to really rebel against the JW's, it helps if you do something you'll most likely die from, otherwise, how can you prove you aren't really afraid of pissing off Jehovah?

  • freedomlover

    OFG -

    "Oh yeah I've NEVER had my dinger pierced, so don't go thinkin' anything dirty"

    LOL! that's nice to know....now I can sleep tonight - LOL

    that would be wicked cool!

  • free2beme

    Maybe???? Better question is, who had them done while they were a Witness still.

  • BecauseImBroken

    It's from a cd cover from one of my favorite artists (Sublime- 40oz to Freedom)
    Here's a bigger shot so you can see the detail. It's going on my left arm. It's basically for all those who have been stung in life by enjoying debauchery; the only way to heal is to go back to it. I for one, will not, and the tattoo will be my reminder.

  • OpenFireGlass
    It's from a cd cover from one of my favorite artists (Sublime- 40oz to Freedom)

    Yeah... I smoke two joints, before I smoke two joints, then I smoke two more... we be jammon'

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