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    (SickofLies) Lord-quad<<<Guilty as charged :) Hi everyone! Hows everything going for you all? Thought I'd pop in and say hello to you!


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    johnny cip

    i'm listening to the jc again. to make a long story short. ask the elders if jesus came back in 1914 to rule from the mount of olives in isreal. and destroyed all earthly gov't ie the end of gentile times. the gentiles still rule the world. ie george bush. has the wt been running the world since 1914 ? bring the old teaching that the end of the gentiles would bring paradise, so nothing happened in 1914. or the wt or fds got thier understanding of the prophecy of daniel wrong. ki think the 2520 days is in regard to Ne'bs being crazy for 7 years 360x7=2520 fits perfect. if 191`4 was so important. based on daniel. then why didn't jesus teach it once.? jesus would have said i'm returning in 1900 years. to kingdom power. the bottom line is that the wt twisted a false prophecy . of 1914 into snowball of lies. to show the unknowing and unresearched that they are choosen of god. it's the same thing the second advenist pulled with 1844, and nelson barbour and russell pulled with 1873 1874 1875 1876 1878 1881 etc. ask the elders as they asked you does anyone see a pattern of lying here ? promagated by a publishing co. to save thier asses. good work again calling them a liar. have fun in the appeal. john

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    a good point to bring out is the elder said if he stayed with the union strike he was in. that he would have went to jail. but he turned to god. ask him if he was a jw refusing alternative service up untill may 1996 wt. that he would have also went to jail in many countries. and was it ok for the union the wts to send 1000" of brothers to prison for 100,000's of thousand of years in jail time. and then say jehovah changed his mind or the fds didn't understand the scriptures.. there is a lot of milage to get out of this arguement. so if the wt told him to go to jail before 1996 and after said it's a conscience matter. were was the holy sprit on this ? why is the wt still sending today young brothers to jail in the eastern european block . for not taking alterrnative service whern the wt changed the rule in 1996. remember jesus told the jews to carry the roman soldiers baggage not one mile but 2 miles. ( alternative service) jesus also called cornelius. and roman captian A MAN OF GOD. i got a lot of mileage out of that one at my bethel tour. the bethilte was perplexed. as they had a 20 foot tall painting of cornelius at bethel. read my account of my bethel tour. john

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    G Money

    As a thought on how to get high quality recordings, here is what I've done... Bought an amplified microphone that has the mike small enough to fit into the cap of an ink pen. Many pens have holes in the end. I then clip the pen on my shirt and the wire runs down to my pocket. It gets great sound and the amplified mike usually takes one or two watch batteries. The mike will be in everyone's face but they will think you have a pen clipped in your shirt and you'll have very good audio. I've used it to record court proceedings so I'll have a record before the recorder prints hers.

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    Fantastic thread .... Sick of Lies recorded his JC ... looks like

    he even got a picture!

    Because this is 7yrs ago ... links are gone but it was put on

    FreeMinds ... hopefully it is still there somewhere!


    Maybe you can find it Ray ...... I'm not that savy!

    A great read anyway!



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    Re-Reading some of this very old post and wishing/hoping the recordings can be re-posted as the links all seem to be dead.

    Reading some of the comments from 7years ago, I stumbled on this quip and it made me laugh out loud:

    JWD Poster: HOw did you do the picture SOL? Open camera or hidden?

    SickOfLies: I pulled the camera outta my pocket and took their picture.



  • RayPublisher

    Yes it is fascinating topic I wish more of these old links could be revived.

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