I'm back!!!!

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  • Lapuce

    Great Ritchie, That stuff made my day... great ammo to have against the elders...

  • lisavegas420

    Since the beginning, I've had so many questions......

    I've wondered what exactly would the elders say to the cops? A 17 years old member of our church stole a religious book? We want our secret book back?

    What do you think a 17 year old would be charged with when he was confronted by the cops? Shoplifting?, petty theft?, a misdemeanor?

    Would the cops, judge, public prosecutor, attorney, court appointed counselor, probation officer listen to Richie's reasons for taking the book? Will he have to do community service at the Salvation Army? Then tell yet more people why he's there?

    Just thinking out loud.


  • inbyathread

    If RR was charged with stealing the book what would be done? Would the book not have to be admitted to the court as evidence of the crime? Also the contents of the book? Then the matter (and evidence) is a public concern.

  • Elsewhere
    If RR was charged with stealing the book what would be done?

    Crime? What crime? I have no idea what you are talking about. All we have here is a teenage kid mouthing off on the internet with fake photos he made using Photoshop, which he is very good at using.

  • plmkrzy

    wow. I'm bookmarking this thread.

    Did Jesus followers go through this sort of microscopic analysis back in his day?

    Why does reading that make my skin crawl?

  • RichieRich

    They can only really mess with me "spiritually". But who cares if they try to DF me? I'll DA faster than you can say "Rutheford was a Mason".

    No man is an island, but we've got a fort!!

  • z

    Riche kudos to you, you are one F**** great kid from day one I read your post I was proud of you BRAVO

    Now I looked at the receipt (ups) if you enlarge it you my be able to see the address I’m not sure if you can pls look at the pic if yes you should cover it up


  • Frog

    You're Richie are our brave lil soldier in this crazy khaki war :)...just remember that many of us here have got your back.

    much luv frog x

  • codeblue

    Welcome back Richie!!!

    OMG....you are courageous!!!

    After reading all 8 pages of your topic, I couldn't help but wonder if the WTBS would make this response to people about the handwritten comments on the sides of the Elders Book: "whoever stole the book, added the comments. We don't endorse this way of thinking at all".

    Just a thought here...Makes me upset that the children that are at the KHalls are so totally NOT safe, and any person they call on in the door to door as well.

    On the other hand, this info needs to go to Silent Lambs and Norris lawfirm. How about Dr. Phil, or Oprah? Oprah fried Frey for his hypocrisy, she hates hypocrisy? I think Dateline should have the info, maybe they would do a sequel to their May 2002 Pedophile Problem in the WTBS? That show is what opened my eyes up to the hypocrisy within the WTBS.

    Take care Richie.......your life is soon to be changing, and quickly!


  • love2Bworldly

    Wow Richie--I really admire you and hope all this helps some of those lurkers here who still believe in the "truth".

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