Inquisition scheduled for tonight

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  • MerryMagdalene
    its been long enough... get over it

    I have heard of the elders saying this to more than a few grieving people and it enrages me every time. How dare they!?!

    My heart goes out to you.


  • crazyblondeb


    Welcome to the board. Please tell your son you have found a new family--for both of you!!

    I've had SSOOOO many elders meetings I think I'm a professional at it!! LOL

    What the others said is good> DENY DENY DENY! Tape record it and get a lawyer to be present if you can. Stall till you have more time for preparation.


  • upside/down

    Damn... I was gonna say something...but it's all been said.

    u/d(of the don't let them take the high ground class)

  • BluesBrother

    What do want to be the outcome?

    You can use this to be for your own benefit. If you want to stay in, I would say how glad you are to see them again, you assume that they want to help with your disabled son. How come they have not visited? Take the initiative and turn the conversation against them. As for their questions , well you really cannot remember at the present. {Did not Ronald Reagan use that successfully once?] Say nothing . silence is your alibi.

    But be prepared for the unexpected.. If they were concerned about 2004 I think they would have come before now.

    if you dont want to stay in the Org... stay at home watch tv , enjoy a drink and say "nuts to'em"

  • greater_freedom

    Thanks everyone, I mean it. I will post later tonight to let you know how they respond when I phone them with your many suggestions, while I set back and have a glass of wine.

  • gumby

    Here is some more info about HOW these idiots are preceeding with their botched job,

    Judicial Committee Hearing Procedure

    After opening with prayer, the chairman states the rea-

    son for the meeting.
    blah, blah, blah,...then it says,
    Present the witnesses one at a time unless the wrongdoer


    If the accused does not admit guilt, he should be informed

    as to the source of the charge(s) made against him.
    Accusers should be willing to assume their responsibi-

    lity, as was required in Israel. (Deut. 17:6, 7; 19:16-21)
    The accused may also present witnesses whose testimony

    would have a bearing on the case.

    The witnesses should not be present for the entire hearing,

    since they do not need to hear details and testimony that

    do not affect them.

    However, witnesses to the wrongdoing should be pres-

    ent if it becomes necessary to continue the reproof of

    the accused "before all onlookers
    ." (1 Tim. 5:20)
    Even IF you had a JC meeting....they wouldn't follow this proceedure as recommended above.

    If the Decision Is to Disfellowship

    Tell the guilty person the Scriptural reason(s) for the


    Inform the wrongdoer that he may appeal in writing

    within seven days if he feels a serious error in judgment

    has occurred. (om p. 147; km 1/80 p. 4)

    Outline steps necessary for future reinstatement.

    Be positive, assuring him that forgiveness is possible if he

    truly repents; the person may be in a distressed state of


    If an appeal is lodged within the allotted time, no an-

    nouncement is made pending the outcome of the appeal.
    In the meantime the accused person will be restricted

    I'll bet 5 bucks says when they Df you...they do not follow the above instuctions.


  • merfi

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do and handle all this.

    I knew that my elders *wanted* to DF me, but I didn't give them the satisfaction and DA'd instead as I wanted out anyway. I know the results (shunning etc) are the same, but I somehow feel that I retained my dignity by making the decision, not allowing them to.


  • Narkissos

    Welcome GF, and best wishes.

  • Legolas

    Yep..If I was you and didn't want to do this now.....Play the 'Depressed' card!...They can't say anything to that!

  • cosmic

    You give them too much respect. If they were there to help you or your son or your situation, they wouldn't tell you to come to their place. Their purpose is not to help you, but to find a cheap and easy way to salve their conscious as to why they haven't been helping you like they know they were supposed to be. (Okay, let's all do a rousing chorus of "Balsaam In Gilead, And F*uck Everybody Else.") They have not, nor will not be of any help to you. Unless you are just curious to see how it comes down, stay away. This is just like walking down a street and having some bum catch your attention with, "Psst, hey buddy, c'mere."

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