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  • greater_freedom

    I need some input on how to proceed with a scheduled meeting with elders I haven't seen in 18mo. I have not attended a meeting in over 2yrs. They sent a letter requesting my presents at 8:00 pm tonight. I recieved the letter Saterday. They wanted a response in writting if I could not attend. I feel that if I don't do anything they will just DF me. I was waiting to finish up with a divorce with my wacked out, vengful, ex-wife before I give the borg a boot. Apostasy is thier aganda due to some colored lites at Christmas time 2004. Help

  • Jourles
    some colored lites at Christmas time 2004

    Do they have two witnesses to the event? Pictures? If not, deny it.

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    I would give a reply in writing stating that you need more advanced notice for a meeting of this sort. They really didn't give you enough time - you have something else planed that was set up ages ago, etc.

    Also, tell them that you can't handle any extra stress in your life right now - you are going through some painful personal trials right now, depressed etc. Try and stall till after the divorce if you can.


  • schne_belly

    Hmm. What do you want help with?

    You can ignore them and get DF'd OR you can go and get DF'd.

    Decisions, decisions!! Best of luck on your new life and WELCOME to the board!

  • Jim_TX

    Tell 'em...

    Come on by - me and my lawyer look forward to talking to you.

    See if they decline after that.


    Jim TX

  • inbyathread

    Say you'd be willing to meet with them and more than happy to offer your home for this meeting. Allergies prevent your going into the hall. (Most posters here are allergic to the BS that goes on in the hall) If they agree to come to your home. Place a well camoflaged video camera and record the event. Of course we will want to view the video and offer our comments.

    Their tactic is to offer some straw-man evidence to you and then wait to see if you will hang yourself. Don't answer them. Ask questions. Who are the witnesses? If your soon to be ex is vengeful. Perhaps she is one of the witnesses to this apostacy. Remember they need two witnesses of a fact to DF you. If you agree to their straw-man evidence then you're history. Deny everything. Offer a different story. Those weren't Christmas lights. They were lights that helped illuminate the walk area. This is a safety matter and nothing more. If the ex is providing info to them. Say she is trying to use this to manipulate the divorce proceedings. Suggest that the elders are paranoid if they see christmas lights everytime they look outside. Define Christmas light. Just because you put up a string of lights doesn't mean that you're celebrating christmas. Ask if the elders can read minds. Can they read yours to be sure that you are following bible standards.

    Lastly, if they want you out there is nothing that you can do or say to change the outcome. Most cases are a done deal. It is just a formality that the meeting occured. If they DF you then hand them one of these. Their worst nightmares have just begun.


    Good Luck

  • Dismembered

    greater freedom

    Just don't go. Who the hell are they to instruct you what to do. It's your life, not theirs. Tell them to screw.


  • KW13

    Unless it will badly affect something important to you, screw 'em...stay at home and logon here.

  • blondie

    2 witnesses to the event-----pictures----------no

    Remember the elders make the rules and will lie if necessary.


  • Oroborus21

    Better yet, if you have a lawyer, ask them to meet you at your lawyer's offices and when they show up have the videocamera out in the open and rolling.

    Schnell_Belly is basically on the spot with the situation. You can try evasive tactics but given your own personal convictions why bother?

    It might even be useful to your state of mind to be DF'd as you face your divorce proceedings and life afterward.


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