Inquisition scheduled for tonight

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  • Billygoat

    You are letting them take control of this situation by fretting over it. I understand the fear, but these people are MEN. NOT GOD. They don't have the common courtesy to send you more advance notice? What idiots. When are these elders gonna wisen up and realize they look like total unchristian idiots??? I just don't get it.

    My advice: Don't meet with them. You've got other more pressing issues at hand - focus on them.

  • gumby

    GreaterFreedom....welcome to the board...and thanks for sharing with us.

    First off, how do you like the fact these fella's haven't contacted you in all your time away from the meeting until "get you"? Aren't they just wonderful shepards? If they saw lights 2 years ago, why didn't they investigate way back then?

    Here are their instructions for handling YOUR particular case as stated in the "Elders Manuel".

    See if they are doing what they are recommended to do in your case. It appears they ARE NOT.

    Baptized persons who have not associated for some time.

    If you learn of serious wrongdoing on the part of such a
    person, the matter should be investigated if it poses a
    threat to the congregation's cleanness and welfare or caus-
    es a public scandal.

    Consider the following:

    Does he still profess to be a Witness?

    Is he generally recognized as such in the congrega-
    tion and/or t e community?

    Does the person have a measure of contact or
    association with the congregation so that a leaven-
    ing, or corrupting, influence exists?

    How did the matter become known to the elders?

    UNIT 5 (a)


    Is the person willing to meet with a committee,
    thus admitting accountability to the Christian con-

    Depending upon length of inactivity and other factors
    suggested above, elders may determine to hold the
    matter in abeyance.

    In such a case, a record of the person's questionable
    conduct should be made for the congregation file so
    that everything noted might be clarified when the
    person shows interest in becoming active again.

    If the sinful conduct is known only to believing family
    members and no congregation action is taken because
    of the factors outlined above, believing relatives will
    likely determine to curtail family association severely,
    viewing the relative as bad association. ( I Cor. 15:33)

    If the individual still professes to be a Witness and is
    willing to meet with the judicial committee, the matter
    should be handled in the normal way. However, when
    factors such as possible legal action exist, it is best to
    consult the Society before proceeding. (w87 9/1 p. 14)..... (
    all bold type mine )

    If you want to give them some shit as suggested( hee hee) take this latter route.

    Gumrevenge.......who thinks he'd choose the latter one for these uncaring dickheads who never called on you till now. Screw em.

  • greater_freedom

    The general consensus is deny everything, use legal action, and screw them. Got a plan!

  • SickofLies
    The general consensus is deny everything, use legal action, and screw them. Got a plan!

    Welcome to the truth my friend!

  • greater_freedom

    The fact of the matter is I lost a 16yr old son in a car accident 5yrs ago this month. My 18 yr old was permently diabled from the same accident. He lives with me and is baptised. They don't ask or say sh.. about him. They love a good witch hunt!

  • candidlynuts

    welcome GF

    it sounds like you've really had a horrible few years. I'm so sorry for your loss of your child and that the other is disabled. you should be wrapped up in love from your spiritual shepards.

    since that hasnt happened, give em heck!!

  • MerryMagdalene

    Welcome GF!

    My best wishes with all you are going through. You got moral support now(and some great ideas to boot).


  • daystar

    GF, welcome to the board!

    I'm very sorry to hear of the tragedies. I'm also sorry to hear that the elders haven't bothered to visit. But this seems fairly typical. That sort of behavior is precisely the reason why my father seems to be starting on the slow fade as well. They will ignore you until they perceive some sort of wrongdoing. Then they're usually all over it.

  • greater_freedom

    Thanks candidlynuts, my son is a real inspiration. He is the one who has endured the pain and rehab. He was the one who always ask what happened to his spiritual family 1yr after our tragety. They all went back to normal lives. They said its been long enough... get over it...really were told that from an elder.

  • greater_freedom

    Amen Daystar

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