Inquisition scheduled for tonight

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  • mcsemike

    I went to my hearing after quitting the WT when they refused to take the blame for my 9 year old child's rape. I still got reproved and no one would speak to me. I'm sorry I went. If you go, tape everything so you can show the media someday. If you can't record it, insist on a therapist being with you. If they say no, bring every true argument with you and if they say no again, tell them to shove it where the sun don't shine. DON'T validate their system. They are men, not God. They don't speak for God, they never did and they never will. Tell them where to go, keep your dignity, and call the press. DO NOT meet anywhere except a place of your choosing. Don't give in to their demands. They are all *ussies and if they don't like it, they can go to Hell. The day any elder DF's me for telling the truth about the "truth", and my daughter refuses to see me ever again because of it, I'm going to kill them all. Wait, that won't work, the resurrection of the "princes"........I'm screwed, they're coming back anyway. Damn, I thought if you flushed the toilet, the crap went down and never came back. Not with the WT. They have done the impossible and discovered the secret to perpetual motion. The bullshit wheel keeps on turnin', Proud Fred Franz keeps on burnin' (in Hell, I hope). Whoops, wrong song. Anyway, they are the only people who can continue to pump out one lie after another without any shame. Christ, it's laughable. I cannot fathom how anyone can join this idiocy.

    Well, back to business. There are some copies of recordings of JC meetings here on Freeminds. I forget where. Check them out. They are pretty good at cutting apart their BS arguments. Don't EVER go to the hall alone with 3 men. That's improper and they should be ashamed. Have them to your house so family can listen in and record. I expect them to visit me someday. I'll be sitting on my front porch cleaning my shotgun, rifle, 2 revolvers, 3 automatics, and a .45 pistol that will shoot through cars. I don't think they'll stay long. Dang, I might forget to unload the gun before I start cleaning it. What a pity that would be. Or you can ask them in. Walk them past the Easter baskets you are preparing for the family and ask, "Xmas lights? What lights? We don't do holidays." I would be polite and offer them a chocolate bunny.

  • startingover

    Have you directly asked them what this was about?

    When they came after my friend, he asked them what it was about. They told him it was a charge of apostacy. He asked them who his accuser was. The elder refused to tell him. Even after repeating questioning about it he refused. The elder finally said he would find out at the meeting. That was not acceptable to my friend.

    He went to the meeting, stuck his head in the door, handed a slip of paper containing one short sentence to the first elder he met and walked out. He never did find out who did the accusing. He sometimes now wishes he had gone to the meeting just to find out and to throw some questions back at them.

  • greater_freedom

    Hey mike I just fell off my seat. You are too funny, I have way more guns than that!

  • greater_freedom

    Just a note and I didn't mean to mislead anyone, my divorce was final 1-17-06. The assets are still in the air. The bi..h wants it ALL. She has a great supporting JW family that is the most materailistic people I have erver met! Her mother is so bitter because her non-JW father wrote her out of his will because of the troof.

  • EAGLE-1

    Tell them&%[email protected]$#$%^%$&*&^%$& and ignore them they are NOTHING

  • Honesty
    I stalled him until 4-16, time for me to write my letter of 'no part of WBTS' with pending legal action.

    Make sure those wannabe "Princes in the earth" realise that you will sue each one of them individually if any slander is spread about you. They are scared of a lawsuit because they know their God, the 'Faithful Slave' will hand them over to the 'higher authorities'.

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear greater_freedom,

    We are so happy to have you here! And we are so sorry for the tragic loss of your son, and the pain your other son has had to endure. As a parent myself I cannot imagine the suffering you have had to bear. It is beyond my comprehension how these so called shepherds have the galdasity to want to meet after all this time. Where was that shelter, that craig fom the storm that they are supposed to be in times of distress? Especially for someone like you and your family. Its awefully strange that suddenly they want to meet. My mother told me of a experience in California that came first hand to her from a sister in the hall that said that one of the elders decided they should call all inactive ones ever on file, and disfellowship any who are no longer attending. They were disfellowshiping ones that had been inactive for 10 years or even longer! There might be some sort of new policy, that if you aren't going then you will get the axe. Especially now that they aren't announcing, "So & so has been disfellowshipped". Rather they are saying," So & so is no longer one of Jehovah's Witnesses". They still give a talk after the announcement so that everyone will know why the person got the axe. Personally, my husband and I are expecting that same kind of letter for a meeting to get rid of us as well. Hang in there, you have found a great place to recieve encouragement and friendship! Again, were glad you're here!



  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty


    I agree with others here!! GET IT RECORDED!!! Best Buy has a great little pocket recorder that works awesome! It doesn't take a tape, and has like 7 hours on it. I believe you can somehow even transfer it onto your computer. Let me tell you it works well!!! it is smaller thatn your typical size cell phone. Keep us posted wether or not you go.


  • stillAwitness
    Come on by - me and my lawyer look forward to talking to you.
  • Bryan


    I'm glad you can sleep tonight. Remember what Andi (Billygoat) said. When you let these guys give you an ulcer, you are allowing them to rule your world. They are nothing but men on an ego trip. Be confident, and know that YOU have the Truth!

    My best,


    Have You Seen My Mother

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