Ridiculous New System Ideas

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  • Jez
    we'll all be super-heroes in paradise

    and herein lies the problem: one super-heroes always thinks he is just a bit more super than the others and starts to deviate from the norm of what 'super' is used for. He begins to use his 'super-powers' in a negative way. (because of course we will still have free-will, God did not say he would take that away) (understand that 'negative' is from the perspective of the ones that determined what is 'positive', hence 'negative' is in the eye of the beholder) Next thing you know, others join him, because they like the choice to be different, to try something new, and then there you have it......it all starts all over again...and millions of years later, we are on some discussion board, discussing the exact same thing.

    I wonder how many times in history Armageddon has already come? We are all just a bunch of experimental animals I tell ya.


  • diamondblue1974
    What is a human then? What makes us human? As we continually evolve and adapt to our environment, we are being 'rewarded' for critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, creativeness, etc. Where is all of that to go, if not fostered? Our wonderfully evolved brains would become mush as we only 'enjoy' life, but are not challenged by it.

    Perhaps there IS alot of wonderful new things to learn, but why do it? What is the motivation to do anything??? "Ahhhh, I'll get around to it in the next 1000 years." All human DRIVE due to length of life would be gone.

    Living forever is no prize if I can't read or speak or hear different opinions, (who will write books? who will be provocative? who will challenge us? who will challenge the status quo? etc) believe in what I want to or what feels right to me.

    Precisely Jez and at the risk of being over generalistic, that is why the JW mindset appeals to so many...they wont have to think...they dont want to be challenged...they would sooner go through life without having to make decisions and they would sooner avoid stepping up to the mark in fear that they might not succeed.

    Truth being told however there are plenty inside the borg that underestimate their capabilities but if only they were set free and allowed to challenge and allowed to think....they would soon realise their potential as many of us have already done so.


  • james_woods

    Isn't this the Adam & Eve question all over again? Would you rather have your eyes wide open and know when you are naked, or go around like babbling idiot robots for all eternity?

    Lets say you believe this stuff and also believe in the possibility of life on other planets...wonder if this scenario has been repeated in this or other galaxies? Maybe some Adam & Eve alien planet people didn't eat the apple and are living this out now. Or, maybe some other planet did not have their chronology tied to some stupid pyramid and they are in the middle of the GTrib or even thousands of years into paradise? Do you suppose that the "good" Adam & Eves are ever going to get told the story of "bad" Adam & Eve here on earth? Or, would that spoil their virginity?

    Terrible thought, eh? Maybe this whole vale of suffering because of original sin has been repeated millions of times throughout the universe! Not to mention the horrific "new worlds" that could exist!

  • rebel8
    And who do you think is making those baskets?

    Lady Lee, It is like Disneyland. There is a secret underground city that hides all the laborers and equipment!!

  • sass_my_frass

    I remember that talk by the old guy, must have been on tape or something. Fair while ago. Any questions I ever had about Paradise were answered with 'it's not relevant now as we don't need to understand what will happen until we're there'. There was almost a ban on talking about it. Any publication that ever mentioned it did so as a two-page panda pictured conclusion at the end of the book.

    - rolling green hills everywhere, even the middle of the driest continents on earth where there had been nothing but desert for as long as has ever been recorded.
    - there's no point travelling because everywhere is the same
    - supermarkets apparently have refilling shelves that can be raided for eternity
    - sharks eat seaweed. They have lots of rows of teeth, surely one of them is suitable for seaweed?
    - people who can't stand the tedium live in a Groundhog-Day hell of trying every way they can think of to kill themselves, but are always resurrected

  • james_woods

    I think you may have meant "Westworld", Rebel8...

  • greendawn

    The obvious thing missing are the naked humans because once perfection is attained there will be no shame in being naked as was the case in Eden with Adam and Eve, so where are the naked people why are they all wearing clothes?

    All in all their paradise concept is a very uninspired one and can't transcend the basic nature of current human existence. It's just a bait to draw ppl into their organisation.

  • crazyblondeb

    And I bet in that "paradise" not one person would even try and take a bite out of an apple!!

    The whole concept looks boring to me!!


  • TresHappy

    I always wanted to learn to play the piano in the new system. Of course all I could play was those horrid Kingdum melody songs...can you imagine living forever and the only music you could listen to was that?!!?

  • mkr32208

    Well not to stoke the fires of idiocy but the issue would be settled! The Jw'er stand is that once the issue has been settled it is settled for all of time! If someone rebels in the new system jeehoogie would destroy them immediately (in thine mercy) because once his universal sloberenty has been established there is no reason for it to ever need to be questioned again!

    That's why armegoobin is taking so long! Man has to be able to try out every single type of rules and government so that no one can come along later and say "we never got a chance to try THIS type of government."

    Now I've got to go and barf for having said all that bullshit!

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