Ridiculous New System Ideas

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  • Dune

    I was told that you could still die if you fell off a cliff, drowned. etc.

    I'm sorry if i sound like an apolegetic :-P, but my favorite talk was this old guy that was saying things like all the countries names, the days and months of the year would all be changed so as not to remind us of the past and because days and months were named after roman god's.

    He went on to talk about all this other crap that was possible and for a few seconds i was actually there you know. Its really sad when people base their lives on a pipe dream.

  • gumby

    Hey, have you guys ever seen dogs and cats in the society's New System pictures? I've only seen two that I could ever find. Someone of the GB doesn't like dogs I'm tellin ya....try and find some yourself and see.

    I'm thinkin it's Jarcaz. He prolly got bit out in Sevice one time and has hated dogs ever since.


  • damselfly

    Well that settles it if I can't have my kitties with me I ain't going.


  • NewYork44M
    nobody needs to know medicine because we're all perfectly healthy. Nobody gets hurt in accidents.

    I always struggled with this one. Imagine if you would never get hurt, no matter what. That would mean that you could take greater and greater risks. Fall off a roof, no problem. Drown in the ocean, no problem. Why bother to take your hand off a hot stove. You have "no pain." And, even if you received a little pain and burn your hand off you could just grow the hand back. Imagine the fun kids would have with a game of "double dare."

    There was a Wt years ago that tried to address this point, although unsuccessfully. It said something like we are perfect, not indestructable. But if that is the case, then how can we have perfect bodies for ever. I am still confused.

  • Brigid

    I honestly cannot remember--were we going to be able to have sex in the new system? Children? Wouldn't we over-populate quickly? The thought of eternity with the people I was surrounded with growing up was a huge deterrant in of itself (also the thought of being married forever to my first husband was absolutely unbearable!!)


  • Jez

    It is not the proposed physical aspects to paradise that bother me, it is the mental paradise that does.

    To be in the JW interpreted biblical paradise, would be to not have the mental stimuation to read, discuss, or believe in different religions, thoughts, beliefs, opinions etc. There would be no counter-points or thoughts to anything other than man's interpretation, in particular, JWs' interpretation of the bible.

    What is a human then? What makes us human? As we continually evolve and adapt to our environment, we are being 'rewarded' for critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, creativeness, etc. Where is all of that to go, if not fostered? Our wonderfully evolved brains would become mush as we only 'enjoy' life, but are not challenged by it.

    Perhaps there IS alot of wonderful new things to learn, but why do it? What is the motivation to do anything??? "Ahhhh, I'll get around to it in the next 1000 years." All human DRIVE due to length of life would be gone.

    Living forever is no prize if I can't read or speak or hear different opinions, (who will write books? who will be provocative? who will challenge us? who will challenge the status quo? etc) believe in what I want to or what feels right to me.

    Watch the movie "Pleasantville" and you will see exactly what happens in paradise-like conditions.


  • flyphisher
    nobody needs to know medicine because we're all perfectly healthy. Nobody gets hurt in accidents..

    I do not believe these stuff. The scenario in the new world has to be compatible with physical and mathematical prerequisitions, otherwise its a nonsense. If a person dies by an accident, the person has to be resurrected again. Or - otherwise - there had to exist a technical possibility to travel into the past to rescue him;-) ( I know, its the old Terminator story; but please dont laugh - take it seriously!). An other problem would be the presence of 80 - 100 billion people, resurrected here on earth. I do not like a standing-place in a cinema or in a theatre;-(

  • KW13

    I think the scripture in isiah 65 makes it clear. EVEN if you were daft enough to make it fit the future paradise note that people will fulfill their years and anyone who dies before 100 will be considered a mere youth. SO that means it refers to jerusalem when people still died.

  • limbogirl

    sounds like we'll all be super-heroes in paradise. able to scuba dive with no oxygen, fall off a roof without getting hurt, etc. that could be kind of fun I suppose but really, if paradise means living forever with the dubs...sign me up for hell.

  • MissBehave

    These are some issues I always had....

    1 - I understood that after the 1000 years there would be no more need to populate the earth. So no more babies. Isn't that kind of a weird world? No babies?

    2 - Animals would still die. So if you live forever, come on....that's like a bazillion Old Yeller films.

    3 - In the end there can be only one (no....wait...sorry that's Highlander)

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