Ridiculous New System Ideas

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  • Jeffro

    Did anyone else have crazies in the congregation who said that in the New Systemâ„¢ everyone would "of course" be able to fly, levitate, read minds and fly into outer space because everyone would be Perfectâ„¢ and use all of their brains?

  • james_woods

    Have courage, TresHappy -

    You will have plenty of time to learn the piano. Did you not see that movie {"groundhog day"}?

    By the way - I have always wondered if Johann Sebastian Bach would be brought back? Great composer, but of couse he was kind of attached to Babylon the Great...But then, maybe he was of the faithful and discreet slave & annointed back in the old days-

    So, if he is in heaven, then us music student apostates will just have to make do with his relatives Carl Phillip Emmanual and the niece Anna Magdelena?

    James, who can actually play the pipe organ with his feet.

  • flyphisher


    Did you not see that movie {"groundhog day"}?

    Groundhog Day. A brilliant movie. This movie leads me to a question: Does anybody feel - here on this board - that he has already lived THE SAME LIFE, that he is living now ? In all the phases, episodes, events, experiences, locations, with the same persons, friends, in the same environment, the same world? A second time, a third time; maybe indefinitely much times?

    I`m curious about your answers.

  • Jez

    jwfacts: Yup, I know.

    Ballistic: Good points. Also, if you pose this dilemma to a JW, they will no doubt say, "Leave it in God's hands, he created the earth, he could expand it if he wanted to." (That is what I use to say) BUT this is an extremely presumptuous thought. God has left things in mankinds hands right from the beginning. It seems like he has a definite line where he intervenes to 'help' and where he doesn't. He has NEVER swoooped in and solved all of our problems.

    mkr32208: LOL, outofourass 15:12 I knew that there was no scriptual support for that thought, I just wanted to make sure. lol

    flyphisher: Interesting question, but better to start a separate thread about it. Let this topic continue.


  • primitivegenius

    yo people, how can we forget........... HORSES. we wont drive cars but instead will rely solely upon horses for transportation, especially to the district conventions. hahahahahahahah no seriously datz what i was told. how can they buy into their own bull @*%*

  • james_woods

    from the above post - "He has NEVER swoooped in and solved all of our problems. "

    Has he ever swooped in and solved ANY of our problems?

  • GentlyFeral

    Dr. Jekyll,

    Printing a pic of naked people would cause worldwide masturbation orgies to break out down the hall and we all know that masturbation makes you into a poofta.

    Well, there's the answer to the Paradise Population Problem.


  • Jez

    Um, James, isn't that exactly what I said?


  • daniel-p

    I don't think Paradise was ever really meant to be held as a reality, even from the WTS point of view. For them, it is just a tool to trigger an emotional response. Notice that for all the children's books they make sure to put in a lot of baby animals - and for the more adult publications they illustrate whole families, often with children. Also, the manner of dress is interesting from a propagandist's perspective. If they really wanted to be *realisitic* they would illustrate humans wearing clothing that could be made with indigenous materials, but instead they show clothes which are obviously manufactured. I think this increases the dream-like aura of imagination in paradise. I think the WTS artists (and their directors) want you to feel like it's a faintly-remembered dream in order for it not to be too real. Thus Paradise remains a tool, a carrot, and not an actual defienite future, because it's the WTS's dream, not anyone elses.

  • mkr32208

    HORSES. we wont drive cars but instead will rely solely upon horses for transportation,

    Good thing we've got forever to get there then.... I can't wait to be so blessed! Maybe I'll go a few hundred years without ever getting more than a few miles from my small non electrified, no running water, single room mud and shit hut! Wow the prospect fills me with such spiritual delight! Good thing that body lice and fleas will have become eaters of GRASS right! Cause' soap and hot water are both out!

    It's a good thing that I don't try to leave too because my eyesight has to be "magically" restored every few weeks from my intense reading of the "new scrolls" by candle light! Also the smoke from my dung fires tends to hurt my lungs but that's all part of the paradise earth! I've got to stay here so that I can make sure that my subsistence farm can be squeeezed for every single potato! With so many people around I've only got 3 acres of reclaimed desert to get all my food from! Not to mention that I have to give 1/3 of my crops to the new "elder class" so that they can devote their time to interpreting the "new scrolls" in that big new kingdom hall or in their lavish manor house...

    What a stupid religion...

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