Placed 6 magazines this morning

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  • The Leological One
    The Leological One
    I get a great thrill out of putting in false time in each month, pulling woll over the elders eyes, giving good upbuilding comments at the hall and so on. The GB have no problem beating the sheep, joining the UN and telling the friends lies and keeping them in permanent eschatoloigical expectancy - so why shouldnt I do something similar?. Let us be truthful most people just put the magazines in the Trash Bin when we have left the door anyway.

    Maybe not all, but likely most do. I'd actually ask a JW to take some literature if I agreed to take their's, then when refused, I'd ask how it is that JW's can have the full truth and yet somehow not be strong enough to handle reading something to the contrary at all. That seems like a major weakness, IMO, and I'd then ask if I he/she can't take literature, if he/she would at least be willing to research some older WT literature regarding certain prophecies, etc...

  • RubaDub

    I placed 4, counted 10 magazines and threw in a couple of RV's for good measure.

    A lot of people need to chill down a bit here.

    Counting 10 hours and putting in 2 can be fun.

    Rub a Dub

  • stillajwexelder

    Keep your family and friends close - keep your enemies closer

  • MissBehave
    Not placed any books -but what do you think? Reporting 2 sounds about right?

    stilla, probably have two books laying around the house. Pick them up and then "place" them down again. Can be anywhere. On the bookshelf, on the coffee table, in the trash can. And there you go....two book "place"ments!

  • aiella

    stilla, you're a smart lad, why don't you show those [edited by request] balls and stand up for your true beliefs instead of pretending, and worse yet, giving upbuilding comments at the KH. Help people get out instead of encouraging them to stay in.

  • Highlander

    Maybe slip a printed apostate message into the magazines... Brilliant idea!! you could put a message in the mag informing the 'housholder' that you are trapped in a cult and forced to distribute this magazine and that you sincerely apologize for the inconvienence. I love it!!!

  • mkr32208

    aiella I love the avitar... I've seen that one before though...

  • Rabbit


    I have to admit -- you worry me. I understand fading and the risks to you and your family. I also don't think anyone has the right to tell you how YOU should do your own personal fade. Only you know your situation -- and you must do things in a way you think will accomplish your goals.

    My not going in Service led to me getting marked 'inactive' and 'spiritually sick' ergo, 'spiritually dangerous' because of some of my comments and questions. Eventually, my uber dub wife, began to suspect me of being 'demonized' and involved our children in her fantasies. She burnt a bunch of stuff bought at Garage Sales. What else could explain my depression & suicide attempt years earlier ?

    She ended up divorcing me, my kids now shun me for those same WT induced reasons. I never foresaw those risks. As long as you've been here, I know you must.

    My Mom died over what someone called the Watchtowers' words of "poison", I must disagree with you if you are beginning to think the "poisonous words" are not there. Although not everything is "poisonous", there is enough within those pages to have killed my Mom, alienated my children and all of my JW relatives (which are all now in danger of still dying over the "poison" blood issue). As well, most of the people here have experienced the effects of "poisonous words" including ...

    ...yourself. You were worried about exposing your 'apostate' attitude to the KH elders and your own wife. Why ? Imo, those same poisonous Watchtower words are having their effect on you.

    My worry is that you may become complacent about what you have to do to fade and start sliding back the comfort zone.

    Again, taking a chance of losing your marriage is not something I'd recommend. I certainly never thought it would happen to me. In my case, I did meet someone who I am much happier with -- a non-jw. I got lucky, but not before a lot of pain and heartache settled into my life.

    I wish you good luck !

    Sincerely, Rabbit

  • MidwichCuckoo
    Maybe slip a printed apostate message into the magazines...

    I was just thinking same......Maybe chosen paragraphs highlighted in the 'placed' magazines with margin comments. Also websites (this one, Silent Lambs etc) written in. Can't risk a printed message 'dropping out' of magazine at door - lol.

  • AuldSoul


    The serious answer to your question is "I suppose not" . However, I need to stay in so going on the ministry is one of those things I have to endure - and I am living a lie anyway.

    This is understandable. The first posts made it seem like you felt you were really sticking it to them, but you're just trying to hang on to what is more important than them.


    It isn't necessarily true that the inflated reports are helping the WTS. Follow me on this one: The publisher increase tells the tale, we all know that. The more hours and placements there are with declining publishers the better. Talk about giving the impression they are all spinning their wheels! Wow! All this work and nothing to show for it.


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