Placed 6 magazines this morning

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  • damselfly
    I placed 4 last week ... well ... I left them in the doors and counted 10 for good effort.

    Isn't thinking about sinning the same as sinning itself. Therefore thinking about placing mags is the same as placing them. Bingo, I too can still be a publisher.


  • stillajwexelder

    Not placed any books -but what do you think? Reporting 2 sounds about right?

  • daniel-p

    Yea I did that for a while - now it feels too good to not even turn a time slip in. Once I turned my slip in for 0 hours they got the point and stopped asking.

  • AuldSoul

    I think you should really strive more to be an encouragement to your congregation. Consider this report:

    145 Hours

    68 Magazines

    17 Brochures

    313 Books

    621 Return Visits

    93 Bible Studies (each kept to only 15 minutes, if anyone asks)

    Don't you think that report would be much more encouraging? You should get exactly the same amount for several months. Just change columns for the numbers. For instance, next month you could have:

    93 Hours

    313 Magazines

    145 Brochures

    621 Books

    68 Return Visits

    17 Bible Studies (well, you know...the flu was going around, if anyone asks)

  • searcher

    Would it not be better to claim a lot of hours but no placements/return visits at all?

  • cosmic

    I agree with Auld Soul, but only claim like 1 hour of field service. When they ask you to clarify it, tell them you did the rest by Astral Projection.

  • unclebruce

    JWD stats for stillajwexelder™:

    66.5 average monthly hours of field service™ (time logged on JWD)

    894 Return Visits™

    224 Book placements™/ Studies Conducted™ (topics started).

    9,536 Magazine placements™ (posts)

  • oldflame

    I got to ask you all,

    The other day I stopped at a circle K to get a soda, there are 2 pay phones outside the store and I could not help but notice each pay phone had an awake sitting on them. Do the JW's actually count that as time ? Or record it as service work ? I am sure the wind took them to a gutter somewhere and I don't see the honesty in claiming to do the Lords works by leaving more garbage to blow around our streets.

    After all does not the scriptures say that God will destroy those who destroy the earth ?

    So first it a lie when they claim they placed a magazine because I believe they are actually to be placed with anopther person and then they break the laws of the land by littering the ground with there rags.

  • PoppyR

    I did the false reporting for probably my whole witness career, definitely when I was pioneering! But eventually I realised I was only adding to the statistics, can you imagine the REAL hours and placements if so many of us made/are making it up??

    Near the end I just put 2 or 3 hours even though I wasn't doing any, to keep the elders at bay, and eventually of course stopped reporting, but now I honestly feel if you MUST put a report in then try and keep it as low as possible to avoid adding to any already inflated report figures!


  • ozziepost


    Ever thought of recording minus hours?? That's get that SEC thinkin'!

    On second thoughts, he prob,ly won't think at all.

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