Placed 6 magazines this morning

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    With that many mags

    you need to record rv's

  • willyloman
    Who are we to judge how and when he can or will make his exit?

    Amen! Oops, I mean Right On!

  • SickofLies
    Since when is being an apostate a duty? It's not like we joined the army or anything.

    I'm sorry I don't know about you, but I had to swear an oath by the apostate bible before I could join the ranks. Its actually in the apostate rule book that you half to do you utmost to put down the borg.

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    I always wished there was a place to mark down 'not-at-homes' on the monthly report. I did really well with those. I included barking dogs in the yard as being a not at home.

  • Chimene

    I would consider spreading the cult a sin to man kind, but, that's just my opinion

  • stillajwexelder

    I reported 16 - so way over what I actually placed

  • wanda

    May I count having placed this:

    By J. Mason Emerson

    In this no specific religious group is mentioned but the
    focus is on "hot potato" topics such as Medical Treatments,
    Shunning, Ministry, and Holidays. The Bible rightly notes
    that telling others the real truth can free them (John 8:32)
    and also leads to eternal life. So those with extra interest
    are also welcome to freely copy and distribute this free
    publication. For example you can freely mail or email copies
    to friends, family members or others; leave copies in homes,
    doctors' waiting offices, with libraries, in jails, prisons,
    shelters etc. If you know how to translate it then you are
    also welcome to do that.

    The author is a long-time Christian who can be contacted at
    [email protected] or via the website begun in 2005:


    The Author,

    HOLIDAYS IN GENERAL: Col 2:16 says "Therefore do not let
    anyone judge you by food, drink, a religious festival, New
    Moon celebration or Sabbath day." Yet some do and accept
    money, use day and month names, rings etc that allegedly
    "have pagan origins" while denying children and adults the
    "joy" (Ga 5:22) of Christmas, birthdays etc.

    CHRISTMAS is December 25 the date of the first Jewish
    festival of Hannukah now varying because lunar based, so
    Roman Saturnalia may not be its only origin. Christ was at
    the Feast of Dedication, another name for Hannukah (Jn 10:22)
    Contrary to misinformation Santa did not orginate from wizards
    or a god but Christian gift-giver Nicholas who lived in the
    Middle Ages. NEW YEARS: God Himself began the Jewish New
    Year's celebration Rosh Hashana at Leviticus 23. Without
    excess drinking it's okay for Christians.

    EASTER was maybe named for goddess Eastre but possibly also
    "Eastern" as Christianity came from the east. Easter
    eggs-chicks-baby rabbits symbolize new life as in Christ's
    resurrection not fertility rites! HALLOWEEN came from All
    Hallows (Holy Ones/Saints) Evening when Christians dressed
    kids as saints; many Europeans still do so. THANKSGIVING
    began as the annual autumn harvest "Festival of Booths" or
    "Festival of Ingathering" (of crops with thanks to Him)
    (Lev 23:33, Deu 16:13) celebrated in numerous nations.

    Where Christians have changed previously pagan customs to
    a Christian aim this is not mixing "darkness with light"
    but for turning "darkness to light." In fact Paul wrote
    that we have Christian freedom about if we want to celebrate
    or not celebrate different holidays. He says this at
    Galatians 4:10 and Colossians 2:16. (Please read those)
    Also, he says Christians are not to be letting others judge
    them over such things.

    MEDICAL TREATMENTS: 1 Samuel 14:32-35 says Saul's army
    ate un-bled meat without punishment as it was an emergency
    to save life. They just built an altar of repentance due
    to the Mosaic law of that time. Identical twins normally
    transfuse blood to each other via shared placenta and
    moms' milk includes white blood cells. Christ said people
    need doctors (Mt 9:12, Mark 2:17, Lu 5:31) and Luke was a
    doctor (Col 4:14) yet a few groups preach against doctors
    and/or emergency blood, some members dying; yet God wants
    "mercy not sacrifice." (Mt 12:7)

    FITY UNITED BY LOVE: Colossians 3:14 says the greatest
    bond of unity is "love" yet some groups call others "false
    Christians," slander-shun-expel-censor-humiliate or otherwise
    beat on them for differing on if hellfire is literal/symbolic/
    non-access-to-God, if God's nature is trinitarian/unitarian/
    modalism (Oneness), if Romans 16:1 shows women can/can't be
    ministers/deaconnesses etc, at times killing dissenters.
    Yet Christ helped all and died so ALL might live and Paul
    at Romans 14 says we enjoy great Christian freedom of
    expression. Ecclesiastes 3:1 by Solomon says "there is a
    place for everything." Instead of numerous and absolute
    rules on things, common sense and love for others need to
    guide our decisions and actions as Romans 14 permits.

    TRUE CHRISIANITY At Ephesians 4:4 Paul said there's only
    "one faith" meaning Christianity in general, the many modern
    church name groups not existing until later. Yet today some
    claim to be the one and only true church. Judges 17:6 says
    God arranged for everyone in Israel to enjoy freedom and when
    the tribes said they wanted human rulers He warned of dictator-
    ship. (I Sa 8) Today a great cure for religious dictatorships
    is more local autonomy with democracy; the one most faithful
    wise slave and Leader only all Christians being Christ.
    (Mt 10:23)

    SHUNNING: 2 Cor 2:6 says "The punishment inflicted on him by
    the majority is sufficient for him" so "the majority" (not ALL)
    had followed Paul's suggestion to shun a wrongdoer, and the
    dissenting minority were not punished. Paul ordered worker
    Timothy who worked for him, but otherwise Christians obeyed
    conscience (Romans 14). Yet some groups compel shunning, use
    intimidation, censorship, humiliation etc.

    MINISTRY: Luke 10:7 says "Do not be transferring house to
    house" and Christ went from a house in one town to a house in
    another but never preached at one door right after another as
    some groups do. The best way to witness to God's goodness is
    by actively showing loving kindness. Using our lips is good
    but hands-on kindness is more effective and as Christ often did.
    The Bible says to help the needy and this means more than talk.

    CHRIST: Matthew 23:10 says Christ is the only one overall
    Leader for Christians; yet some groups do what they are told
    to believe in and act as told by a man or an organization group
    of men who interpret the Bible for them though it, not them, is
    the only perfectly inspired Teacher. (1Ti3:16) Matthew 10:8 etc
    say give free what you got free yet some sell magazines, books,
    flowers etc that more than just cover cost of printing but bring

    FLAGS or banners were used by Israelites instead of tiny
    idols hoisted on poles as then done by many nations(Exodus
    20:4); virtually every human views flags as emblems for
    showing natural love and respect, not for worshipping.
    Read Ps 20:5 and Song of Solomon 2:4, 6:4,10 to see for
    yourself that they are well spoken of.

    say to use Father/Abba/papa/dad (Mt 6:9; Romans 8:15,
    Galatians 4:6) not some formal form of God's name, and
    since God told Israel's tribes His name must never be
    misused many Christians as well as Jews today commonly
    substitute Lord in respect not superstition; or they use
    Father etc for expressing tenderness and closeness. All
    the earliest New Testament manuscripts use Lord. Why?
    For the reasons just noted. So those substituting a
    conjectured formal name for Lord (YHWH, Yahweh, Jehovah)
    in their own group translations of Bible verses are not
    only mistranslating but because of this and when for
    example some of those grous do things like enable child
    abuse by their preachers or clergy then such usage of
    God's name is utterly in vain.

    THE CROSS. Paul says "boast" of the cross as a resurrection
    symbol over death, (Ga 6:14, 1 Cor 1:17-18), not a "repugnant
    murder weapon" or stake as some claim. Archaeology proves
    it was a cross. Forensics researcher F Zugibe proved death
    by cross takes several hours as Lu 23:44 and Mt 27:45-6 say;
    only minutes if by stake. Greek "stauros" means cross or
    stake, never just stake. REVELATION'S 144,000 number can be
    symbolic since the book of Revelation itself is symbolic and
    Rev 19:1 (read it)says a "great crowd" is in heaven.

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    Not to hijack, but I heard that the term "return visits" has been replaced. Is this true?

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    Isn't it funny when you were putting in your "report" that you thought you were the only one giving it a bit extra.

    Now when you have met other ex-JWs, you realise nearly everyone was doing it.

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