Placed 6 magazines this morning

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  • stillajwexelder

    Regarding your 6 magazine placements. I really don't know how you do it. My conscience doesn't allow me to preach about the almighty watchtower corporation. If I were to go out preaching, I would only use my bible, nothing else. I'm not saying this to offend you stilla, I just don't know how I personally could do it. I get a great thrill out of putting in false time in each month, pulling woll over the elders eyes, giving good upbuilding comments at the hall and so on. The GB have no problem beating the sheep, joining the UN and telling the friends lies and keeping them in permanent eschatoloigical expectancy - so why shouldnt I do something similar?. Let us be truthful most people just put the magazines in the Trash Bin when we have left the door anyway.

  • kid-A

    most people just put the magazines in the Trash Bin when we have left the door anyway.

    But not all of them. 50 years ago my grandmother read a watchtower left at her door. She was at a low point in her life looking for any sign of hope, perfect prey for the WTBS.

    That singular moment led to her becoming a loyal, devoted dub for the rest of her life, bringing 3 of her children along for the ride, including my mother. Over those generations,

    stemming from 1 jw leaving a magazine with her at the door, my family has been split with religious division, and I had the great pleasure of being "born into" this cult, a twist of fate

    from which I am still trying to recover from. So, heres the math: 1 JW leaves a watchtower at the door: Over 50 lives are hopelessly f**cked up as a result, over 3 generations.

    The point is, there are consequences to our actions which cannot even begin to imagine. You need to stop peddling this watchtower shit, no matter what justification you may

    come up with. Its just wrong, on every possible level.

  • Scully


    Personally, I couldn't do what you're doing when I knew I wanted out.

    There was no way I could stomach going Door-To-Door™, knowing that I was bringing a message of false hope and inviting them and their families into abject mental, physical and financial slavery to a publishing corporation. I just quit going Door-to-Door™ all together, but I probably submitted an "embellished" Field Service Report™ for about a year before we finally quit attending Meetings™. I made sure I included a lot of Return Visits™ from Informal Witnessing™ and any Placements™ that I recorded were of Literature™ being "placed" in a garbage bin.

    I wonder how many Field Service Reports™ are actually Theocratic War Strategy™ applied against the WTS? That is probably the most brilliant act of Apostasy™ available to faders and those who are stuck inside so they don't lose their families. One of the main raison d'être of the WTS - their statistics - is nothing but a pile of BS.

  • merfi

    I was always one of those that needed The Phonecall on the morning of the 6th or some such. And I'd always pretend to be rummaging thru my papers, getting out my calendar and adding up the hours, RVs, mags etc. Then blab out something or other that I WOULD write down so that I could fill out one of those slips. Silliness.

    I had no idea other people falsified their records as well.

  • bocephus

    Yeah we used to go to 7 11 s and place them I think everyone counted those The store clerks ussually looked pretty irrtated I am pretty sure teh mags ende up in the trash . I used to pretend to ring door baells too

  • AuldSoul
    so why shouldnt I do something similar?

    You asked, keep that in mind. And I don't mean any disrespect, but I do have a conditional answer.

    IF you are no better than the WTS is, no different, then there is no reason why you shouldn't do something similar. But, I like to think you are better than that manipulative and deceptive organization. I'm sure you have considered that line of reasoning before, so perhaps I read you wrong.


  • wednesday

    Toward the end I was barely getting out in actual door to door, so my report was low, but I always turned one in. A few times I had to "embillish" it a bit, and I really felt guilty, as I did not want to be disrespectful to God.. When I finally stopped, I just stopped turning in time reports. Of course that put me eventually on the inactive list" but by then I did not care. I just could not in good conscience lead anyone to this spiteful org. and let them get hurt, I may have been a one person army, but I was engaged in war. I refused to peddle their mags anymore.

    I know it is different for someonw hwo is trying to stay in the org incognito, say an elder. If that was the case, I'd "place' them in the trash and report the expected amonut of time.

    The other day I stopped at a circle K to get a soda, there are 2 pay phones outside the store and I could not help but notice each pay phone had an awake sitting on them
    I hope you took them and trashed them,if we all did this, we could clear out the docs offices, and laundry areas, and phone booths, and nursing homes.

    Kid-a, similar thing in my fmaily, a Wt in a trash can found by someone at a low point in their life and bingo, 3 generations or so later, what a mess. Before I diecied to stop I was talking different, ie talking a lot about jesus and things and this "alerted" an elder who wanted to work with me in service. I had to fake it a couple of doors but when he saw I was saying the party line, he lost interest and must have told them I was ok. I agree, if you have to go in actual service, take your Bible and just talk, unless someone has to work with you. I am glad you are there stilla b/c we do need someone on the inside to tell us what is going on. But I agree, for heavens sake, find another way to do it than actually peddling their mags.

  • Finally-Free
    There was no way I could stomach going Door-To-Door™, knowing that I was bringing a message of false hope and inviting them and their families into abject mental, physical and financial slavery to a publishing corporation.

    Me too. Once I was aware that the watchtower was an abusive cult I couldn't go out in service™ any more. But, knowing how important statistics are to the society, I didn't want to inflate those either. When the elders insisted that I turn in a report I just filled it out with all zeros and handed it to them, and I did that for several months. Any increase in their statistics is viewed as "Jehovah's blessing", and there was no way in hell I was going to contribute to that delusion.


  • Hellrider


    Let us be truthful most people just put the magazines in the Trash Bin when we have left the door anyway.

    99.9% probably do...but then there`s this neurotic, depressed, newly divorced housewife with three kids and money problems looking desperately for some hope, finding that magazine on her doorstep, and she picks it up and reads it, becomes interested (maybe there is hope after all?), and the next time some nice JW-sister knocks on her door, she lets her in. And voilà, her children and perhaps their children for God knows how many generations will suffer hell their entire lives, one way or another.

    That was my mother in 1970.

    I don`t mean to make you feel guilty, but those magazines are poison. They belong in the trash, alternatively they can be used for wrapping fish`n chips, defrosting frozen shrimps (they work just as well as newspapers for this purpose, just lay them on the WT-mags) or wiping your behind when you forgot buy toilet paper. This last one is perhaps its most appropriate use. I just can`t understand how people who knows the truth about "the truth" can make themselves place any mags at all.

  • stillajwexelder

    I wonder when it will get to the point that more mag placements are reported than actual magazines that are printed?

    Well it already can happen anyway. If you have a build up of 3 -4 year old magazines, I remember blitzing a territory and every single not at home I pushed through two magazines as did most of the congregation . I "placed" >250 magazines that month. If enough did tha tthe figures would reflect more placed than printed that month

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