What's the funniest/strangest name you ever gave a pet?

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  • wombat

    Bloody oath..I swear that I'll never have it off with a ram again. (Check out the South Park thread).

  • Sunnygal41

    I presently have a Cockatiel who is grey........we call her Smudge.........the yellow one is Sunshine.........our big fat cat is Trouble (he is) My boyfriend had an Oscar named The Bitch. Mine was called Teekie, after some football player (I let a friend of mine name it)

  • Cindyrenee

    In true JW style, my 18 year old cat bears the biblical name of Hoglah. My Yorkie is named Penelope, but my hubby has shortened it to PeePee, he says it is more fitting!!

  • orbison11

    I have an adorable shih tzu/bichon named -harley- because she is tuff and is going to take care of her mommy

    and harley has a pet,,,a cat,,,,named -baby kitti----because when harley got her cat,,,he nursed off of her

    buncha sik ones here for sure:)


    Dog---Konan The Barbarian (changed the C to a K)

    Cat---Rambo (He was one tough cat, too. He would jump off the top of the house or out of trees!)


    Needless to say, they were all males and there were all males in the house that named them!


  • Frog

    well this isn't one of mine...but do you remember the episode of the Simpsons where Santa's Little Helper's girlfriend gives birth to 25 pups??...there's a scence at the begining where all the dogs are lined up in the kitchen with their named doggy bowls, and the camera goes across all of them "fido, spot, todo...etc"...until it gets to the last 2...the 24th pup is "Prince", and the 25th one is "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince"...hehe, that cracked me up x

  • Oroborus21

    my cat doesn't have a name, or at least he hasn't told it to me. a lot of people think that is weird and when we go to the vet they insist on trying to give him a name, usually "mr cat". It is like they won't treat him if he doesn't have a name. weirdos.


  • Frog

    hmmm Oroborus...you haven't named your cat, now most would argue that that probably makes you a bit of a weirdo yourself! lol though I understand your logic, and fair enough...x

  • Oroborus21

    true, true, I guess I feel like T.S. Eliott that every cat has a secret name which only they know.....

    with the vet's it is like trying to deal with a government agency or your cable company who insists on knowing your Social Security number...


  • annalice

    I had two cats when I was younger I named one Mr. Picklepuss. and the other Kingcool

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