What's the funniest/strangest name you ever gave a pet?

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  • Shutterbug

    My daughter brought a cat home shortly before she was due to go to college which aggrivated me to no end, so we named him D.A.C. (Dumb A** Cat)

  • CountryGuy
    the dog was Deeohgee.
    we called him Dee Oh Gee

    I didn't come up with it, so I'm surprised. I have a rott/yellow lab mix who is also named this. But we spell it: Deogie. My other dog is a dalmation/black lab mix named Emmett. My nephews are HUGE Dallas Cowboys fans and they named him after Emmit Smith.

    We also had a tuxedo cat for the longest time. He was the meanest cat around, we called him B'itty, which was short for Bitch Kitty.


  • MissBehave

    My friend's cat had two kittens right around the time of the OJ trial. So they named them Ito and Kato.

  • Snoozy

    My MIL had 2 black cats..they looked identical..she named one in and one out..because when one wanted in the other wanted out...

    My dog as a child was given to us at christmas so they named her "Christmas Holly"..nickname "Holly"..

    My bird was named Jinx..then I found out he was a she and tried different names like Jinxy and Jinxette..but nothing fit..

    My boy cat was named Sampson...he was black with white paws and chest..after we got him neutered we named him delilah..

    He even started meowing like a girl...Poor baby...


  • damselfly

    My boyfriends cat growing up was called Timbit cause he looked like the vanilla coconut doughnut holes when he was little.

    All my kitties have people names, cause well they're little people to me.


  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    I called my first cat Annie after the orphan Annie in the musical because she was the tiniest in her litter and her bothers and sisters were all on top of her beating her up! When she got old she had to go on permanent steroid treatment so I changed her name to Arnie!!

    I also have a friend who couldn't think of a name for her dog so she just called him Deefer (think about it!!)

  • Sunnygal41

    Agrapeldar.............it was in reference to a mythical beastie my grandfather said lived in the Adirondack Mts.............I always thought it was a catepillar's cousin.............lol..............

  • mkr32208
    I think Grits IS ground corn.

    I know, thats what makes it so funny!

  • AuldSoul

    Meet our cat, Fleabiscuit:


  • anewme

    When I moved to this mountain retreat I inherited a barn cat named Chewy. I quickly learned why she was named so. Every other day she brings a big fat rat to the door and chows it down!

    I cringe when the skull goes "crunch" "crunch"!

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