What's the funniest/strangest name you ever gave a pet?

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  • Pterist

    I was Visiting American born cousins in California from Ireland many years ago, their Irish mother named their dog "MadaghRua" which means RED DOG !

    Sounded more funny with a Cali accent, and they had no idea what it meant. Lucky it was not "pog mo Thoin" LOL

  • sherry123

    Pericles,after one of Shakespears plays,I believe...I got in the most trouble from my Father for that.

  • MrFreeze

    Had a sheltie named Bonkers.

    My roommates cat is named Dexter after the TV serial killer.

    Next animal I own is going to be called "Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo". Plus one to anyone who gets that reference.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Our fox terrier with spunk and flair was called Rascal. Strangers insisted that she was named well. My sister claimed it was original but I do believe she read that classic book where the yearling dies.

  • pontoon

    I had a cat I named Crapper. When she was outside and I called for her I would yell "Crapper Dapper Doo!!!!!!!!!!!!" If she was within earshot she'd come running. My cat now I can't tell her name, it would identify me.

  • Heaven

    This isn't my pet but a friend's pet (ginger (orange to me ) medium haired tabby cat).

    I've given him a nickname... "Mr. Floofy Pants".

  • fakesmile

    i had a dog i called stain. there were too many dogs named spot.

  • tec

    My dog is ZZ top. ZZ for short. Ozzy to the hubbie though. As long as there is a zee sound, I think he claims it as his name, lol.



  • talesin

    haha, Tammy.

    I had a feline companion that I named Squealer. She was born in the bottom drawer of a chest that I had lined with flannel. Mama had the kittens there. When she was a tiny one, her eyes not even opened, she would squeal for me to pick her up whenever I came into the room. We had an amazing bond, so Squealer was her name - hunting was her game. And she was my beautiful gurl for 12 years.



  • scary21

    lol names,,,, cooking fat...lol ground corn lol......lol....grape juice.....lol....I am laughing sooo hard...Names I like are Bitty, Lucy fur and stain.

    Guess is pretty cool too ! I also had a cat named C.A.T.......others named Simbad....Sheba .....Mr. McBee,,,after Clint Eastwood in the Begiled.

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