What's the funniest/strangest name you ever gave a pet?

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  • ShirleyW

    I had a coworker who named her cat Kitty, wonder how long it took her to come up with that one.

  • QueenWitch

    My toy poodle mix's full name is Dr. Samus Aran Hall-Moens von Poodle, PhD (petted and hugged daily). Samus for short after the video game character.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    When I worked as a veterinary nurse we would get recurring names like C4 or D4 ie C for cat and D for dog. We were not amused.

    Purdey was popular when the Avengers was on TV and we had quite a few Bodie and Doyle's come in when The Professionals was popular. A lot pf pets are named after popular TV shows and film actors.

  • caliber



    Miss Take

    Muddy Pillow

    Puss Cat

  • Vidiot

    Never personally gave a weird name to a pet, but my favorite weird pet name is "Hey You" (the monkey in Rock of Ages).

  • Jim_TX

    Well, I've had several 'strange names' for pets in the past... right off the top of my head, my first dog was a small part weiner, part mutt dog. He was brown and a small puppy when I found him wandering around - someone had dumped him.

    I took him over to a friends house, and the young girls thought that he was sooooooo cute. "What is his name?" they asked. "He doesn't have a name." I replied. "He looks like a weasel." They cooed. "Then Weasel is his name." I answered. ... and so it was. Weasel was a very smart dog. I've never seen another like him.

    Another set of puppies were rescued years later by my now ex-wife. She found them in a box alongside the road. 6 puppies, if I recall correctly. She brought them home. She had to feed them gruel at first, as they were not weaned, and had to learn how to eat.

    Well, these dogs were of a variety that got very very large. When they got old enough, I told my wife that she had to get rid of them. They both whined... and I told my daughter that she could keep one! But only one! She had to go and pick out one that was her favorite - but the rest had to go. She did. The rest got given away at the local shopping mall. Passersby, a free sign - and in a matter of minutes, they all were gone.

    My daughter, needed a name for the puppy. She had those long legs and huge feet that she still had to grow into. Perplexed, my daughter thought aloud, "What should I name her?"

    I replied, "Tiny."

    "WHAT?!?!?!" shreeked my wife. "That dog is NOT going to be tiny! It's going to be huge!"

    "Exactly." I calmly replied.

    The lightbulb went off in my daughter's head... "Riiiiight... Tiny..." she said grinning. So Tiny was her name.


    Jim TX

  • Jim_TX

    P.S. ALL cats have a middle name. Most people don't know it, but it's the same name for all cats.

    I know because I saw one of our cats doing something in the back yard, and I wanted to get his (or her) attention. I yelled, "Hey! STUPID!!"

    Well, ALL of the cats turned their heads to look at me and see what I wanted.

    I know, I know... most of you are thinking, "Well, of COURSE! they all turned to see what you wanted. It doesn't mean that is their middle name."

    But I'm no dummy. I tried it several times on different occasions. 'Stupid' is their middle name. Try it. Verify it independently. You'll see.


    Jim TX

    (It's either their middle name, or 'stupid' means something very bad in 'cat language', cause they also glare at me when I call them that.)

  • hoser

    I named my dog bender

  • tiki

    once had a stray cat that we dubbed "butterscotch" because of his color....he tangled with something and lost his tail, so after that we called him "butt-nik"

  • MrFreeze

    My friend had a cat named Fatty Catty. I think it weighed about 20 pounds.

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