The CO says --

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  • willyloman
    There are so MANY that are just going through the motions because of family and friends.

    I observed that before I left, and in fact was one of the "many" doing just that. When I expressed the thought to my wife, and then my grown kids, we soon learned we were all on the same page. So we left, which quickly taught us we didn't have any real "friends."

  • Mystery

    Wasn't that the same message from 35 years ago?

  • Johnny

    "the Organization is worried about it" Excellent news!

  • crazyblondeb

    I still have a great sense of urgency--

    everytime I do the pee-pee dance!!


  • stillajwexelder

    "Lost their sense of urgency." For what? MINISTRY AND MEETING ATTENDANCE

  • blondie

    Sense of urgency-----------WTS is worried because

    1. Fewer people are coming to the meetings--in this area 60 to 65% attending

    2. Fewer people attending--fewer people to donate

    3. Fewer people going out in d2d

    4. More people getting education past high school

    5. More people buying/building homes

    6. Fewer people pioneering

    7. Fewer people showing up for meetings of field service during CO visit

    8. Fewer people have bible studies to take CO on

    9. Add your own

    Yes, older JWs are wondering what happened to the generation of 1914.

    Older elders are being removed...not goosestepping high enough I guesss.

    The COs have a good vantage point to see how things are slowing down...they visit 20 congregations, twice a year for 3 years, then move on to another region. They have to write it down and send it in, making it hard to do the ostrich maneuver.


  • AlmostAtheist

    Wholly off topic, but the title of this thread made me think of those See 'N' Say toys:

    Can you imagine what a great parody that would be?!?

    "The elder says.... Come to more meetings!"

    "The pioneer says... We don't get ANY weekday support!"

    "The CO says... Beat your children, they won't die!"

    Oh, if only I were a Flash progammer...


  • Lapuce

    Well I know in the cong where I was from the numbers are going down in the hours of D2D and they are getting less and less contributions, but there are still alot of people on sunday meetings, but the school and bookstudy are lacking alot of dubs....

  • rocketman

    Playing the "sense of urgency" card yet again. The sad thing is how few jws see through this sorry attempt at keeping them in line.

  • GermanXJW

    The German branch said to a Professor that there are some things they are not so used to because they have only been around for a little more than a hundred years. The Professor replied that this is rather old for an end-time-church...

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