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  • AuldSoul
    L.L.—And they should be!! Its only going to get worse. The more ones in the organization find out whats really going on "behind the curtain", the more this will be the case. There are so MANY that are just going through the motions because of family and friends. It makes you wonder just how many are doing just that.

    I agree. If suddenly they all knew who was doing just that, the organization would fold in an instant. There are two sorts of JWs, (1) those who serve from guilt and obligation, and (2) those who pretend to serve for the sake of friend and family.

    Both sets have one thing in common, they are motivated by fear. How do we help them become more afraid of giving their life in vain?


  • kittyeatzjdubs
    Even in the apostles day there was a a sense of urgency.

    Probably ate a bad fig or something....Fruit makes me urgent sometimes.

    luv, jojo

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty


    I think this website is one thing that will help many. Because they see ones in their same situation leaving all the time, because they just cannot take it anymore. We were going to meetings for a couple of months while this whole 607 thing was unfolding for us. It was SO difficult, I would be in such a cranky mood while getting ready (not even realizing it). Then when we were there it was all I could do to not raise my hand and say," That's a LIE!" Before long it became much to stressful to even go! It made me sick! My mother and father who are also out, said that when they were fading, many times my mom would be so mad at what was being taught, that she would get physically sick! My heart goes out to all who are stuck in this situation.

  • greendawn

    They are worried because it is that sense of urgency that keeps their members tied to the WTS chariot by either frightening them with the fear of armageddon or raising their expectations with the promise of the paradise and eternal life, in both cases they are seeking to motivate the R&F to work for the organisation. It emphasises the vital role of the FDS in their supposed salvation through the org that he runs.

  • SickofLies

    (Dude on the left: Wow, this guy actually believes this crap, how amusing)

    See what happens when you try and preach with urgency for 85 years and the end still hasn't come!

  • parlay

    Kind of reminds me how churches use to use the prospect of burning in hell to frighten the laity

    into obedience. Over time fear factors lose their effectiveness.

  • Thinkagain

    They are woried now bc they are having fearfull thoughts

    , THEY are loosing controll, there fear is what are they going to do next!!

    LOL What can they do!!! This is so great!!!!

  • LDH

    LOL @ Kitty and Sick.

    Sick what the heck is that picture from, it's hilarious.

  • Scully


    That's Englishman pretending to be a rabid JW at one of his apostafests/BBQs.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    The CO has said in his latest talks "Some have lost their sense of Urgency and the Organization is worried about it"

    If they are worried now, then they have a lot more years of worry ahead of them. The org is more likely to shrink than grow in most countries, they aren't keeping their young people and many of the older ones are slowing down in the work. Apathy set in at my old kh while I was still there, we were all aware of it, but no -one seemed either willing or able to stop it spreading. I doubt if we were unique in that respect.

    I can see hard time ahead for the wts, what an inspiring thought!

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