The Watchtower Society killed my website

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  • M.J.

    How about joining forces with

  • Finally-Free

    I'm not surprised that the Watchtower did this. They are running true to form. What amazes me is their utter stupidity, thinking this will slow down the flow of true information about their worthless cult. Don't they know that many of us regularly save these web sites because we know they'll pull their predictable shit?


  • fullofdoubtnow

    So sorry to read this Elsewhere. It just illustrates how petty they are. as if we didn't already know.

  • sf

    According to Jourles letter, even the BOE letters are copyright infringement? LOLOLOL Are you kidding me? So if I write a letter, with my logo on the top, and someone prints it somewhere, they are infringing on my "copy right"?

    And the email Else has up states that it is "abuse"? LOLOLOL WTBTS is the epitamy of abuse!! Talk about black kettles and pots.

    ~sigh~ I'm getting so tired of the bullying, intimidation and threats this book publishing organization continues to dole out. And trying to squash OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH RIGHTS.

    It's time to put in motion some things that have been sitting on the back burner folks.

    COPY THIS TED: What I have hidden away in a drawer with your name on it, is not copywritten. It is mine baby! All mine!!! And the nations shall know what a sick man you really are and your cronies too.


  • Scully

    So much for the WTS's claim that they have "nothing to fear from opposers".

    Stunts like this one show, without a doubt, that they are very, very afraid.

  • candidlynuts

    they're not only afraid, they're actively involved in searching out the internet for their own material.

    how can the ones who do that for the wtbs stomach the bullshit?

    must be money involved.. only way i'd read wtbs publications again would be for money.and it'd have to be a LOT of money.

  • Elsewhere

    We're back up!

    I did a little legal trick, so I don't know if this will be permanent or not.

    If anyone wants to do a website scan/copy this is your chance!

  • Clam

    Elsewhere, sorry to hear that. Your site has been in my bookmarks for a long time. This is simply Watchtowerâ„¢ small arms fire versus Information Superhighway Artillery. An occasional casualty is inevitable.


    P.S. Danny Hazard is my hero.

  • undercover
    If anyone wants to do a website scan/copy this is your chance!

    Congrats on getting back up...

    How does one scan/copy a website? Help a dummy out...

  • Jourles

    Did you pull out a "What about my DMCA rights, beeyotch?" trick?

    Get that letter!

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