The Watchtower Society killed my website

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  • carla

    Terrible, just terrible. Wouldn't China be an obvious place? I don't know how all that works but it seems the safest place to hide out from the wt at the moment.

    When I tell people how the WT society tries (and does) close down sites, they ask me what the wt has to hide? Of course I'm always happy to help out and tell them. It just spurs on more underground activity and the few jw's who doubt want to see the 'forbidden' fruit to see what all the fuss is about. Then we can welcome more people to boards like this.

  • Jourles

    Dude, stay on top of this. Force your webhoster to abide by the DMCA!!

    The statute also establishes procedures for proper notification, and rules as to its effect. (Section 512(c)(3)). Under the notice and takedown procedure, a copyright owner submits a notification under penalty of perjury, including a list of specified elements, to the service provider’s designated agent. Failure to comply substantially with the statutory requirements means that the notification will not be considered in determining the requisite level of knowledge by the service provider. If, upon receiving a proper notification, the service provider promptly removes or blocks access to the material identified in the notification, the provider is exempt from monetary liability. In addition, the provider is protected from any liability to any person for claims based on its having taken down the material. (Section 512(g)(1)).

    In order to protect against the possibility of erroneous or fraudulent notifications, certain safeguards are built into section 512. Subsection (g)(1) gives the subscriber the opportunity to respond to the notice and takedown by filing a counter notification. In order to qualify for the protection against liability for taking down material, the service provider must promptly notify the subscriber that it has removed or disabled access to the material. If the subscriber serves a counter notification complying with statutory requirements, including a statement under penalty of perjury that the material was removed or disabled through mistake or misidentification, then unless the copyright owner files an action seeking a court order against the subscriber, the service provider must put the material back up within 10-14 business days after receiving the counter notification.

    What this means is, the WTS should have sent a letter to your webhost stating which material infringed upon their copyright. You have every right to be given a copy of this letter. If the WTS simply "called" and threatened them, that is wrong. This is exactly what happened to my old site. They must serve your webhost with a LETTER, not a phone call.

    PRESSURE YOUR WEBHOST FOR A LETTER FROM THE WTS! The more letters we can accumulate the better. Besides, how are you supposed to know which material infringed if there is no letter?

    It should look like this:


  • LDH


    That's EXACTLY where I was going with this.

    Else, PM me if I can help. I didn't know that was your site either, and I can't remember if I've ever visited.

    On the upside, I now have an email address of interest.

  • jstalin

    Reminder: is hosted in China.

  • kls

    Could the WT be scared of something in their own writings? You bet they are

    Sorry Else , it was damn good and getting better all the time.

  • Severus

    Send them this while they are at it...Quotes Check

    Watchtower Money

  • DannyHaszard

    The Watchtower Society killed my website Can I be next? Danny Haszard yield 23,600 mark today " yield 27,000 mark today I make 10-30 new pages everyday mulitple servers all over the world Watchtower hacks come and get me i'm taunting you.-Danny Haszard 'in their face in cyberspace'

    Watchtower Jehovah's Witness Whistleblower Remember-You just can't fool all the people all the time,you can only fool all of the people some of the time,or some of the people all of the time. (all my pages are backed up to the minute)

  • acadian
  • stillajwexelder

    I hope about 20 more pop up - and so it drains the WTS monmey in legal expenses

  • gumby

    This organisation is so chickenshit it make me wanna puke.

    They can quote and "misquote various writers/authors and print this in their journals the Watchtower and AWAKE!, but others cannot quote them and publish it.

    I say it's time we start contacting all authors that have been misquoted or had their writings twisted to fit watchtower dogma, and encourage them to after the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society for the same reasons they shut you down Elsewhere........and MORE.

    Besides.....he's my buddy ,....and nobody messes with my buddies


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