The Watchtower Society killed my website

by Elsewhere 185 Replies latest jw friends

  • nicolaou

    We all need to chip in a few $ per month to host an Apostaserver in some friendly Islamic or Communist state.

  • inbyathread

    Not all web hosting companies are large enough to have in-house counsel. It's safer to lose one customer than the whole company.

    If you see something that you like. Download it, copy it, print it out, whatever is needed to preserve the information. If the site is closed for a ligitimate or illigitimate reason, you have the copy yourself. Lessons learned.

    This is a lesson I haven't learned yet either. It was a good site.

  • GoingGoingGone

    So sorry, Elsewhere! Your site was great, it will be missed.


  • confusedjw

    CRAP! I have links to your site in my FAVORITES.

    You do have backups of your site right? Can you zip it up to disperse? I wanted to share some of your collected information.

    And to you WT well did it work to shut down Quotes? Didn't it pop up in many different places?

    I think it's time for overseas hosting.

  • Elsewhere
    You do have backups of your site right? Can you zip it up to disperse?

    I'm considering my options right now.

    Gandhi was right... passive resistance will get you nowhere. One must provoke a response from an oppressor using non-violent means. This will always expose the tyrants for what they really are.

    I am the one in control of this, not the WTS. If I was not the one in control then the WTS never would have responded to my provocation.

  • littlerockguy

    So sorry to hear about this elsewhere. I didn't know that was your site and I had been to that site quite often and even bookmarked it. I wish I had copied some stuff from there before the WTS took legal action to have it shut down. Do you have backup files from which you made your site from?

    Im surprised they haven't gone after Randy's freeminds site.

  • dozy

    JWs ruined my dinner.

    The WTS killed my website.

    I'm just waiting for "Freddie Starr ate my hamster!"

  • itsallgoodnow

    Oh, crap! I didn't even know about your site. I would have liked to check it out. Let us know when you have it up again somewhere, well I guess you would have to keep that on the down-low, huh.

  • IP_SEC

    Every time they do this they show their true colors. Time to do what was done with quotes and put it up all around the world.

  • plmkrzy

    bumdoughnut! Sorry about your website elsewhere. Hope you find a better host for your next one.


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