The Watchtower Society killed my website

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  • Elsewhere
    Elsewhere is now down. You can thank the Watchtower Society for this.

    Here is an email from my hosting company:

    Unfortunately it appears your site/account was involved in violation of using copyrighted material involved with Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania."

    As a result of this abuse and activity, we will be unable to reinstate this account for any reason.

    In addition, due to the nature of this abuse and the risk of transferring sensitive or illegal content if we were to provide you your files, we will be unable to provide with backups.

    It is unfortunate that this has occurred, and we are aware that more than likely this was not your intent to host, however the fact remains it did exist and complaints were made. As such for potential legal issues we simply cannot host this site or anything in relation to this site any further.

  • jgnat

    Oh, no! Sorry to hear it.

  • daystar

    Anyone know anything about Fair Use? Anybody? Eduardo?

  • nicolaou

    Bad luck mate, still there's an awful lot of webspace out there!

  • luna2

    Just a hack publishing company and not a religion at all. They prove this themselves over and over and over.

  • nicolaou

    Say Else', how do you suppose they found out about your site? Do you advertise it anywhere or is it mostly through word of mouth and JWD?

    (In my most conspiratorial and spooky voice) "Watchtower spies are everywhere people!"

  • TheListener

    Elsewhere, it says that your webhost can't provide backups of your files. Do you already have backups? Or did you lose some things?

  • Scully

    If I remember from the Quotes fiasco, isn't the WTS supposed to file some kind of specific document in order to have a website shut down? If they didn't file the appropriate paperwork, your webhosting service isn't supposed to just cave like that. Quotes web site: Episode V, The Empire Strikes Back!

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    ah man I knew I should have gone in there again and copied what I could. Seems I lost everything in my computer crash

  • Gill

    Sorry to hear that, Elsewhere.

    However, it's cases such as this that make everyone so pleased when the 'big bully' finally falls.

    It also makes people realise that the WTBTS has a LOT to hide.

    I hope you can get more web space and move on soon.

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