Are we going to see a mass awakening?

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  • kairos

    So there was some news of some sort this last week, yes?

    What did I miss?

    Mass Awakening Stage One:


  • kairos

    The halt of work at various branches, printing and construction should say something LOUD and CLEAR.
    Things aren't speeding up. The Chariot is in PARK.

    Still-in JWs will wonder "where has the sense of urgency has gone?"
    Overlapping generation puts "Harm-you-gettin' " off for years.
    Everyone is "still in this old system" and older ones are dying off. ( we weren't even supposed to grow old in "this system" ) YUCK!

    It's only the fear of shunning that holds them captive.
    It would be hilarious if the GB came up with some NuLite that dropped the shunning decree thinking of the "love" that would be heaped upon them, only to see the sheep scatter...

    Hey? Where'd everybody go?

  • kairos

    After hearing the latest video on JW struggle...

    Also, the number of new members is growing to this site.

    The internet is working at a pace no one could have ever predicted.
    The recordings of the ARC and Jackson's testimony are never going away. The judgments and lawsuits are coming fast against them.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas
    Probably the best answer to this is "WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MAKE IT SO?"
  • Skedaddle
    @Kairos - I watched this this afternoon! The guy is actually doing an awesome job isn't he?! I'm sure there's many more doing stuff like this in their own way but this guy is on a MISSION!!!
  • kairos

    The greed and control of the GB has produced this result.
    Helped along by the poor treatment of others by some eldurrs.

    I believe this all started some time ago.
    I just noticed that when reflecting on ones my age and 10 years younger, ( 40-50 ) Most have left.

    In my wife's family , she is among 5 siblings, most children have left.
    Here's how it breaks down:

    1, three sons, all out
    2, 10 children, 5 out. 3 questionable
    3, 3 children, two out, one questionable
    4, 2 daughters, both out
    5, 2 children, both out

    Think about the families you know. This pattern is the same everywhere.

    People are reclaiming their lives. They will need support.

    How long can the definition of "soon" be kept secret from the JWs?

  • Skedaddle
    Well looking over the accounts in the congregations from my old area, across the board they are in deficit annually. And my mother won't answer when we ask about numbers going down. She just clams up. But I can see the contributions have HALVED in the last 4 years. She did admit though that she just puts a bare minimum contribution in the box but carries on pioneering - which she says is much easier now she can park her cart outside the coffee shop while she sees her friends by appointment LOL! The older ones might be stubborn but they aren't stupid. If they want my mum to buy an ipad, which she did, that's coming out of her contributions, I know her mind thinks like that haha! Lets see if she still likes the coffee shops when the full news breaks in UK...
  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic
    No one joins the WTS because of facts or reason

    But we do leave because of facts and reason!

  • Simon

    I think the mistake a lot of us make is 'believing' (ha) that "belief" has anything at all to do with reason or information.

    A huge proportion of the planet believes in stuff that is utterly batshit crazy. The JW cult is one small corner of this world for people who didn't find the mainstream crazy quite crazy enough.

    The bottom line is you need a serious injection of information and knowledge for someone to wake up or, far more commonly, some personal negative experience within the cult to jolt people awake.

    What we can do is be there with answers to questions and a welcoming community for those who do manage to unplug themselves. Of course we hope many do but we should be realistic about the likelihood of any mas awakening happening.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Signs in front of the HQ of JW's, "Please open your records of the thousands of abused children

    in you organization", the bible states you must cooperate with the authorities...

    The news doesn't care about shunning and DF, but child abuse that's a different story.

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