VHS of Elder lying in court...need help getting on net

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  • Bryan

    Do we have specs on this incident?

    Court number?



    I can't get a hold of Alamb.


  • sf

    The Lying Liar, as posted on Rado's site, from the video I can't open:



  • enigmatoo
  • alamb
  • enigmatoo

    This very dishonest Presiding Oversier is just a copy/clone/drone of the very dishonest FalseTower Religion. He try to project a very loving "image" of the JW Religion, in order to peddle the organization to the public. This is classic "Dishonest Used car Salesman" Syndrome. He is catch up in his double talk, because he "sold" his organization to millions for over 25 years, his false religion DID done a lot of damage to the members, He knows about that, but he still try to peddle his religion as a "good religion". He is the classic example of the Devils's Advocate.

    I have ZERO respect for him and his Fake religion. HE IS A ONE BIG LIE AS THE LIETOWER ALSO.

  • alamb

    http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/12/80143/1.ashx more on this case by Farkel

    I know it is horrible to watch these things. It is even worse to live them. Please know I am not the only one going through this. I get at least 3-4 e-mails per month asking for help with cases EXACTLY like this. They start to tell me what is happening and I can finish every sentence for them. I have 8 years worth of documentation and evidence and research I start sending out and calling and trying to help these poor mothers and fathers through. If one child has access to a loving parent by anything we can do here or anything we expose, this is so worth it.

    I have had fathers call me in the middle of the night who have no attorney and are having their children turned against them and are helpless to stop it. There is a case in court today that is also horrendous. That is why I got this out now so she can use it.

    THe JW parent who is not balanced in his thinking and in his love of his child will do anything and everything to twist the circumstances against the other parent in the false hope that he is saving the child from Satan himself. They will sacrifice their own children to the God of the WT. (with the full support of any lying elders and congregation members they can scrape up)

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