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  • acadian

    Hello BlessedStar ,

    I term NICE as being kind, not cursing, love for God Almighty, thrives on the right things in life, not hurting other's feelings, etc.

    I'm not a good judge of myself, but I try to treat other's the way I would like to be treated, hope that counts...

    Kind Regards

  • Brigid

    Thanks Josie!

    ~Brigid the Wise

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Quite a few on here do not meet the 'specs' set out. But I consider them 'nice'. AlmostAthiest and I have had many conversations - he is complete athiest I believe [at the moment] and I consider myself an unchurched Christian - at least at the moment. I think we could have a great personal friendship if we lived in the same town - he might not even hold my views against me.

    However I do occasionally cuss - It is like a pinch that tells me I have left the 'Lie'. No guilt though - so am I qualified?


  • Enigma One
    Enigma One

    What I find to be NICE, is people who RESPECT others lives, and take Jesus' words to heart to live and let live. Not constantly god mobbing a board, with inciteful, hateful post towards people of a certain persuasion. I also think NICE people when confronted with a woman lying in the street would not merely step over her, grab a taxi cab, and speed off only to say to themselves "What more could I have done".

    See I find REAL LIFE ACTS to be nice. Not merely pleasantries on an internet discussion board to be considered "NICE".

  • Calliope

    many people will vouch for me.
    i am nice.

    however, i don't feel the need to elaborate.


  • streets76

    Nice or not nice? My grandfather used to say, "Everything is the opposite of what it appears, except for those things that are the opposite of the opposite of what they appear."

    He also said, "You can't judge a girl with her clothes on."

    Smart man.

  • unclebruce
    Yup. I'm not sure what I believe in anymore. I didn't leave the jdubya cult to segue into another religious thing, can't do it anymore. I'm repulsed by religious blather now, initially caused by loss of faith in religious leaders. Although......I DO respect others' rights to indulge and enjoy all the attendant hooplah.


    I love you (((((((((((((((((Frannie)))))))))))))))))))) that's all I'm godamn saying!!!


  • Finally-Free

    So, what if someone is nasty but has a NICE BUTT?

    Does that make them nice?


  • luna2

    Well, hot [email protected]#m, a picture of it and we'll let you know how NICE you are.

  • Finally-Free
    post a picture of it and we'll let you know how NICE you are.

    heh heh. Trust me, I wasn't talking about mine.


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