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  • mrsjones5

    I think BS has been possessed by the spirit of Hisbiscus....uh yeah that the ticket!

  • daystar
    He didn't.

    Ok, and how many Pharisees did you speak with in order to come to your so very certain conclusion?

  • IMustBreakAway

    WooHOOO.. I'm Nice.. But i don't love god. So how do i qualify?

  • Brigid

    Dear Blessed Star,

    I believe I understand the intent of your post. I was just wondering the other day what Christians or fading JWs who still love and believe in bible god must think sometimes at some of the content here. That thought came from my own rather guilty conscience at quoting some rather distasteful bible passages. Then I felt badly. I don't want to tear down anyone's faith. Each is on their path.

    I view god as neither male nor female but as exuding both energies equally (does god not exceed description human genetalia?). And I do, Blessed Star, LOVE this entity dearly. I have rituals that I perform to honor this entity daily. I write songs and poetry to this entity. I dance before this entity's alter sometimes in the manner of David, I am so filled with ecstasy over this Beloved. This entity in its feminine form (and lesser in its male form) lives inside of me and it reaches out and loves you.

    So, I love god. I do curse at times but not habitually (I am a mother). I love people. I am giving. I have many friends and their description of me is usually that I'm nice.

    I'm glad you are here, calling out to those who still define god in biblical terms. I hope you find who you are looking for.



  • anewme

    Blessed Star, I used to be like you, "a nice lady" carefully guarding my eyes and ears from unpleasant coarse sights and sounds that I felt did not fit into my perfect picture of how the world should be. I felt superior when others cursed and I didnt, when others succumbed to doubts and I didnt.
    I was confident that the creator loved me more and my reward was secure because I kept the commandments "from my youth on" Luke 18:21

    But as I grew in spiritual discernment I realized there is nothing man nor woman can do or say to lift Adamic sin from off their shoulders........and nothing they can do or say to make it worse.
    Whether we swear or not, whether we are preachers or prostitutes, we are all the same.
    The woman of insight knows this and has compassion rather than condemnation on her tongue for others.
    It is not yours or my place to scold other adults for acting as adults and behaving like free human beings.

    You may have your own standards or conduct and speech, but you may not force others to live likewise.
    If God does not enforce these things, then who are you to step in and become a self appointed speech police? I only offer this because I too have had the rude awakening that God does not seem to care as much about these things as do you and a few other people.

    I say all this because in short order Blessed Star you are going to turn away all potential friends on this board. I know this forum is helpful to you as it is to me to learn truths---how people feel about everything. Isnt it amazing the diversity among us? How is that? How can people feel so differently about things? Who is right? Who is wrong? Maybe they are all right. Maybe everyone's opinion counts.
    You dont want to read only "nice" things do you? Would you want everyone to lie about their true feelings and experiences and give you a false picture of reality? That is the institution that many of us have fled from! Here we are free to be ourselves and find friends and love for who we really are. Thats what we want. We want you to accept us as we are and love us as we are. Can you do that??

    One of your many potential friends here,

  • mrsjones5

    If I were you BS I would listen to the two very wise women above me.

    Very nice posts Brigid and Anewme!


  • Chimene

    Most people who know same i'm one of the nicest people they've ever met. I spent almost 10 years being spoken to in a cruel way, by a Jdub husband, and by other fellow JDubs. I don't believe in that religion anymore, but I still belive in God and Jesus. And I will never become cruel to anyone because someone else has been cruel to me for so long. Shoot, that would be my entire life, childhood and all. I will not become mean and teach my kids to be mean. No way

  • FreedomFrog
    1. Legolas

    2. AlmostAthiest (Dave)

    3. Frannie Bannanie

    4. Blindersoff

    5. Imustbreakaway

    6. FinallyFree -- (could have been)

    Ok, you can add me to that list since you put my hubby (AA) on there. Because he has more patience than I do. What a very strange view you have for "nice".

    Anyway, I'm fine thank you, and how are you?...(from a "not nice" person)


  • mrsjones5

    Well I think you and your hubby are nice.

    That's one for you.


  • FreedomFrog
    Well I think you and your hubby are nice.

    That's one for you.


    Awww, thanks Josie, I think you're nice too.

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