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  • ferret

    Sorry BS. I am not perfect so I guess I'm not nice. Do we not all have faults. Judge not lest you be judged.

  • daystar

    Is this one nicer BS?

  • LittleToe

    I'm probably fairly nice, by your written standard, Hibiscus.

  • lonelysheep
    I'm probably fairly nice, by your written standard, Hibiscus.

    Hibie's standards suck big time, but you're nice anyway, LT.

  • delilah

    I am a "nice" person. I take care that I do not offend anyone, and if I have, I am quick to apologize and set things straight. At the same time, I do not allow anyone to trample on me or my family. I can be like a roaring lioness, AND I have been known to curse.... I believe in a higher power, but not in any organized religion.

  • Fate

    BS, being nice is simply based off opinion.

    I may not help the elderly lady up the street take out her trash.

    I may swear on occasion... ok maybe more than on occasion.

    I may be aggresive in certain situations.

    I absolutely cannot stand religion. No loving god would put such strain on the life Krystal and I are trying to live together. No god would tell its followers that parents shouldn't love, care and talk to their children who've decided for themselves that they don't wish to walk the path of its so called truth.

    I can sit here listing things about myself that you may dub as "not nice", but do you truly know who I really am? My integrity? My honor? My faith in others and myself?

    You may not find me to be a nice person, but most people who truly know me, know otherwise. So how can "yes" and "no" be correct at once?

    Oh, and "hi" to everybody. Sorta new here.

  • LittleToe

    Welcome to the board, Fate. Great choice of UserName

    This thread has finally found a purpose. Let's shout it out for Fate, guys!

  • Jez

    I term NICE as being kind, not cursing, love for God Almighty, thrives on the right things in life, not hurting other's feelings, etc.

    I am not nice all the time.

    I curse sometimes.

    I don't always love God, sometimes I even hate him, if he is even there.

    I taste some of the "wrongs" in life because I always question, "Who decided what 'the right things' are? Maybe some of the wrongs are the "rights" and some of the "rights" are the wrongs.

    I sometimes hurt people's feelings.

    I am human and if you aren't sometimes 'bad', then you are the first perfect person I have ever met!!!


  • lowden

    Hey Fate nice to read you, i'm new here too.

    Like your words. I'd chose your planet...never brightstars



  • Krystal

    Just to clarify... Fate is my bf/husband!

    We live and work together.

    He is a cutie!

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