May I throw a fit?

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  • skyman
    Nobody but Blondie or Leolaia could have fit your description - please be honest and admit it was leo you were talking about

    Nope will not do it. Now that would be hurt if I named names I will not do it, can't make me!!!

  • LittleToe

    Since there are only two names on the block, and we're pretty certain which one you were refering to, how about you try denying it? That way there'll only be about another few thousand that it could be refering to

    How about if you don't deny it we'll continue to assume that your complaint is levelled at Leolaia?

    Ironically this is one of your longest threads, and I'm guessing you're loving every minute of the attention

  • Enigma One
    Enigma One

    How old are you Skyman 7 1/2? You remind me of the elders in the KH, that would give a "Local Needs" part whereby the entire congregation knew who was being talked about, but they didn't come out and name, names on the stage and then used blurry analogies to make their point. Yet the destructive power of their / your words are still there. But the elders and you can hide behind the "Hey I wasn't necessarily talking about THAT person" when in fact EVERYONE knows who is being singled out. Sadly some have much to learn after leaving the Kingdumb Hall.

    Keep playing your sick little game. I'm done here.

  • Leolaia
    If I had mentioned the poster by name then that would have been hurtful, but I did not.

    Your original hurtful comments were directed to me as a response to my post. We all know you're talking about me. You know you're talking about me. You don't have to name someone by name to insult them. As Enigma One said, this thread is lame and getting lamer with each post...

  • MerryMagdalene
  • daystar

    This is really lame-o...

    Y'see, the social darwinist side of me says "Can't take the heat? Stay out of the kitchen", instead of whining about how hot it is.

  • Enigma One
  • funkyderek


    Just asking why does everyone think I am talking about LEO!

    Because you provided enough clues for several people to reach that conclusion. The most obvious example:

    Highlighting in RED letters and Bold letters then comments with her own thoughts

    That's something Leolaia does and is well known for. The insults also had an air of familiarity about them:

    There is one lady on the board that thinks she is the smartest person in the world

    In your previous thread,, in your sarcastic attack on Leolaia, you wrote:

    Leolaia you are the brightest person on the form, you must have read the book many, many times to be so wise.

    Again, the unnamed poster:

    makes me want to take the other side of the discussion because her post goes on and on forever and she writes in an authoritative style

    And when talking to Leolaia:

    I could do the same as you and put all sorts of quotes down then comment on the quotes, making myself look like an expert on the subject like you do, on so many threads here on JWD.

    If, in this thread, you're not talking about Leolaia, then you are reusing the same insults on someone else. Maybe all smart women make you feel inferior. I'm fairly sure you were talking about Leolaia in this thread, and I think you're just afraid to say so, but if you weren't then you've insulted two women, apparently just because they're smarter than you. Shame on you, skyman!

  • M.J.

    Leo's contribution to this board is immense. It is because of her research that so much of the prevaling counter-claims to the WTS's side of the story can't simply be written off by those who view these threads. She backs up her stuff. And yes, she DOES write up some of the most intelligent reasoning out there. I for one hope that someone's whining doesn't make her want to ease off on what she does.

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