May I throw a fit?

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  • skyman

    I must be in a bad mood the last couple weeks on this board. I see people that a critical and mean. Yes I even do this, but only in self-defense and not proud of it either. When PMJ post people get nasty and rude to him. When someone posts about the Masons, Illuminati, or some other group of people, the board gets rude and nasty to them. I was reading a thread a few weeks ago about UFO’s when the thread turn into a name calling thread. This is not the way to act people. If they do not agree with your thinking why be rude. You should think them for the thread or in a manner that is kind dispute the thread but quit the name-calling.

    While I am ranting I like to say I hate to see others take over a thread. There is one lady on the board that thinks she is the smartest person in the world and from day one has rubbed me the wrong way. I do admit when she post most of the time I agree with her. But I cannot stand how she does it. It makes me want to take the other side of the discussion because her post goes on and on forever and she writes in an authoritative style, Highlighting in RED letters and Bold letters then comments with her own thoughts that never seam to end. She will take up the entire thread. I know when she post on my thread it is a dead thread because her post are so long and forceful most people stop reading the thread. Be respectful, post your thoughts in as few of words as possible. People do not like to read long post as a general rule of thumb.

  • Kristofer

    I couldn't agree more. I hate the name calling. Sometimes I can see a topic going in an interesting direction that starts to reveal a lot and become pretty enlightening. That all comes to a halt when the rudeness begins....

    Who knows where some of these conversations could have gone...

  • Super_Becka
    May I throw a fit?

    By all means, skyman, rant away. I'm certainly not opposed to seeing other people's points-of-view on issues here on the board.

    Also, I'd like to apologize if I've ever said anything rude or behaved in a less-than-acceptable way, I try not to step on anybody's toes here on the board, but I don't know if I always succeed. If I've ever said anything that's unacceptable or I do in the future, feel free to call me on it and correct me, I don't mind and it'll be for the benefit of the board.

    -Becka :)

  • greendawn

    Good points, being rude doesn't serve anything unless the other person had been very rude in the first place, and ppl don't really like reading very long posts.

  • Clam

    Good points Skyman I'm all for keeping things civil and happy on the best forum board in the world !!!!

    I hope Franz hasn't been scared off for good

  • misanthropic

    I can relate to how you are feeling (even though I'm not sure who you're talking about specifically) usually I don't get involved in the fighting. For the most part my sarcasm might be taken the wrong way sometimes but I am harmless. Of course there are people on here that I don't much care for, but I tend to avoid those ones instead of fighting or arguing with them. And yeah I think you are right about everyone needing to respect other people even though we might not agree with them. Name calling isn't going to solve anything. I might be guilty myself of this one.

  • skyman

    I have to leave my business is a featured business at business convention I'll be gone all day. I would like to know how many people feel the same as I or am I in the minority. Can't wait to be back in the office to read the post.

  • kid-A

    Just to clarify a few points. The "alien" poster Franz was busted for having multiple accounts. He was pulling a hoax and most of us realized this and were having some good old fashioned fun on his threads. He hasnt posted again because one of the moderators busted him.

    Second, this thread begins by criticizing 'rudeness' on the board and then in the second paragraph starts into a rather rude and nasty critique of one of the other posters (whom I happen to really like) ! Can ya sorta' see the irony here???

    Third, I reserve the right to deal with JW trolls who display the typical watchtower style self-righteousness and pass judgement on us evil "apostates" as I see fit and if ya gotta crack a few eggs to make an omelette, so be it!

  • AlmostAtheist

    I don't like to be rude, but...

    No, seriously, rudeness doesn't get you anywhere. The targets become defensive and start picking on stupid stuff like spelling, and the whole thing falls apart. Rudeness seems to spring from either arrogance or ignorance (or both). Either a person seems to consider themselves too far above the discussion to deign to enter into it politely, or they don't have any real evidence to back up what they're saying so they turn to rudeness as a way of chasing off nay-sayers. Neither approach leads to anything good, IMO.

    LONG posts... hmmm... I'm divided. Some posters post really long stuff (Leolaia, Abaddon, sometimes SeattleNiceGuy) and every bit is useful. If I'm interested in the topic, I'll definitely read those all the way through. Others just sort of ramble, repeating themselves, quoting ridiculously long chunks of stuff from one web site or another, and I blow past those. (Bolding helps in those situations, since I will usually stop to read the bolded stuff.)

    As for people starting threads to throw fits... I'm all about that! Rant away, Skyman!


  • peggy

    When someone rubs us the wrong way, it is often a projection of what we least like about "OURSELVES"! You may not write your posts in the same manner, yet you agree with most of what this poster writes. I would take the time to analyse what is TRULY bothering me. You may find some surprising answers.

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