May I throw a fit?

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  • MerryMagdalene

    Great--I give up trying to figure any of this outand just for that I'm going to have to kick your a$$ twice Skyman. Unfortunately, I think you'd enjoy it too much, what with you being a self-confessed b*st*rd and all...

    Just wish you'd try to be a little less happy about after you've been hurtful...


  • TheListener

    There have been many times on this board where The Listener has felt correct about a matter only to be shown wrong by others. The Listener appreciates all the hard work and effort everyone has put into their research and respectfully requests that an open informative exchange of ideas continue. Whether one's writing style is authoritative or conciliatory it seems only proper to include pertinent backup information. Many on this board do that, and The Listener is thankful.

  • skyman

    Love you Merry!

  • skyman

    Just asking why does everyone think I am talking about LEO!

  • Enigma One
    Enigma One

    Skyman you think this thread is nasty? The nastiest things said have been from you! If I called you a insipid fool for starting this thread, that would be nasty. Completely true. But still nasty.

    You say that 99% of us don't "check" her research? LOL. Funny, if she's so darned wrong all the time why don't you debate her on her posts WITHIN said thread hmmm??? Perhaps because she can formulate the stronger argument? Is this why you have to carry out a personal attack thread on her? Can't stick to the facts at hand, but rather use inneundo, gossip, and back-biting? You sir, are the height of hypocrisy to call others nasty on this thread when you have started this thread for character assassination. Shame on you.

  • skyman

    You say I am nasty I have not mentioned one poster by name have I. But the people commenting on this thread know who I am do they not? At least my name skyman. The nasty people that comment here comment to a person they know at least their JWD name. The long poster i am talking about is not a Nasty poster, just someone that annoys me. I guess I should not have said that in my beginning comments I did not say the name of that person and if you all what to jump to your conclusions of whom I am talking about go right ahead. Remember everyone has opinions and they are like feet they usually smell. My opinion stinks. If I had mentioned the poster by name then that would have been hurtful, but I did not. I know someone will post we know who you are talking about, don't think we don't. Once again good for you that you have jumped to a conclusion. I did not mention a name nor will I.

  • skyman

    Leolaia if you think you are the poster I am talking about I am sorry. I love your posts. This thread should make you feel loved and welcome admit it. DON"T YOU. You like my RED don't you.

  • LittleToe

    I'm not quite what you're sorry about, but nonetheless.

    Are you denying that Leolaia was at least part of the focus of your thread?

  • stillajwexelder

    Nobody but Blondie or Leolaia could have fit your description - please be honest and admit it was leo you were talking about

  • Enigma One
    Enigma One

    This thread is

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