May I throw a fit?

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  • bikerchic

    Oh sure skyman go right on ahead and throw your fit, I can guarantee you you will look silly just like a 2 year old throwing a tantrum.

    Ya know what is really rude and childish? Complaining about others rudeness and then doing the ultimate rude thing and starting a thread to point the finger at another poster simply because you don't like her style.

    My mama had a saying; "if you can't say anything nice about another person, don't say anything at all." Good advise IMHO and it would have served you well if you had done just that.

    But then you "like to argue", now lines are drawn, feelings are hurt and for what? Did you really make a point here other than to prove that you aren't a critical thinker? Some day I hope you learn that the very thing or person that rubs you the wrong way is your biggest lesson, sit quietly and learn from it. Now you've just built up resistance to the learning process, but then you "like to argue".

    Leolaia is one of the most respected and respectful posters here on JWD and a classy lady to boot. We've all learned a great deal because of her valuable research and desire not to make herself look big but to make the WTS look small, that is what JWD is all about IMHO. Thanks Leolaia and please keep up the good, hard work I for one admire you and your style. One classy lady!

  • stillajwexelder

    Leolalia, I love your work and posts - please keep up the good work. You have my 100% respect

  • peggy

    In general, men in the "truth" do not like highly intelligent woman! I think this post shows that some EX-JW men have some maturing to do! The bit about, "if I were single".......made my skin crawl! Ahhh well!

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis
    maybe this is not the best place for me to research topics of discussion.

    Leolaia, maybe those that aren't interested in reading the posts of a particular person on this board (or any other for that matter) should just refrain from reading those comments if they are that upset by them. Just a thought.

    This board is made up of so many different personalities, not everyone is going to get along perfectly or agree with one another on any given day. Sometimes eehs a good day udder times naht so good.

    And I, like others round here, tend to think that as dubs we were trained to be intolerant. Be it over the way a person posts, what they have to say or what they believe. It can be a tough habit to break.



  • Mastodon

    I don't MEAN to be rude or bitter... but that's the way I am, so that's the way it comes out.

  • skyman

    Nice to have the right to disagree. None of us had that right in the BORG. Discussing things is good. I still think the same way about the long Poster who writes in an Authority way and thinks she is being balanced thinks she brings a balanced view to this board and that is my right whether or not you agree. Just to day I saw a fellow poster in town that said Skyman I want you to know I agree totally with your post. When I was a BORG Elder I was on a body that had a few "know it alls" and would take over the Body. I hated it then and hate that quality now. It tickles the heck out of me to see all the people defending the one whom they think I am talking about. I have a challenge for all of you the next time the person you think I am talking about post one of her long post take the time to see if she is right. A lot of the times she is right but there are many times she is wrong. Don't take her post as the gospel look at the facts. I don't think 99% of you look at the facts but just think WOW she is so smart because the post is so long and complete. Face it most of us are lazy and really deep down don't care if she is right or wrong. Most are here for the company.

    But a lot of you have proved my point that all that matters by how nasty you have been in this thread.

    Everyone is different and if I don't like it that is tough and if you don't like it that is tough. But I tell you many people are sick of nasty posters and these are the ones that need our help the most you are driving them away.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Boy - this turned into a battle. I wish it hadn't - although clearing the air is for the best at times - from both sides.

    Just for the record - and my opinion and $1 US will buy a cheap cup of coffee in my town - I think both Leo and Skyman add a great deal to this board. For what it is worth. Peace might be worth the pursuit it takes to find it.


  • skyman
  • MerryMagdalene

    Alright Skyman, ya know I love ya, but I'm just gonna have to kick yer a$$ the next time I see ya at the store. It'll pain me to do it, but you've really got it comin, my friend...

    I was hoping you were just having a bad day and would come out of it and realize you were being unreasonable and unfair in your assessment of the person presenting the information. There's no good reason to attack someone because of a personality clash, especially when your ideas about that personality seem to be all tangled up with personal prejudices.

    I hope that you and those who agree with you will stop attributing unfairly assumed motives and character flaws to those whose posts and posting styles you don't like and just focus on debating the information presented. Pleeeeeeeze...

    Please don't stop sharing the fruits of your labours with us Leolaia. They are very much appreciated by very many, including me.

    I enjoy most of your posts too, Skyman.

    ~xox Merry

  • TheListener

    The Listener ROCKS!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!

    Ooops wrong thread.

    never mind.

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