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  • kid-A

    This is a ridiculous theory. Considering history, it is readily apparent that "swearing on television" or movies, or whatever, has NOTHING to do with the growth or decline of civility, crime, etc.

    Did people have television during the dark ages? This was perhaps the most brutal period in western civillization, with death violence and murder at levels per capita far exceeding the worst of western cultures today.

    Atila the hun, Ghenghis Khan, Hitler, Ivan the Terrible, etc etc. all became the monsters they were in the ABSENCE of television, cinema, 'gangsta rap' etc etc. This a baseless argument promoted by the religious right in the US.

  • anewme

    What affects children the most: the behavoir of the significant guardians in their lives.

  • daystar

    Sorry, not reading five pages spattered with homophobic rantings.

    I'm more concerned about shows like CSI et al, with the crime scenes they show. Just a few weeks ago we had the TV on after a show and I started getting a bath ready for my son. This was not late night, but just after dinner. Well, I started his bath and walk into the living room and this little four year old is standing there watching some forensicist cracking open some dead guys chest! Oh s**t!

    Sure, my responsibility ultimately, but come on man. I can't watch that crap and I'm not faint of heart by any means, what with the sort of stuff I've seen. But what sort of adult person does not get a bit disturbed themselves seeing that sort of thing. I had to explain what the forensicist was doing and that it was fake and just a show, etc.

    So far as cursing is concerned? I can't remember the last time I heard a curse word worse than "damn" spoken on my TV until after 11p.

  • beksbks

    I remember when my kids were young, one of the most frustrating things on TV for me a mom, was "Tonight on the News" I mean good grief that stuff was terrible, and you never knew when it was coming on. Sensationalized crap, and no warning.

  • slugga
    There would be no more gentlemen and no more ladies. No more good manners. No more courtesy for anyone or anything.



    This is not true, Get out of the big cities where no one has time for pleasantries and you will still find nice people. Treat people with respect and they'll return the favor.

    I guess you two are just living in the wrong part of the planet.

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    I, for one, am delighted by vulgarity. I think cussing is a great way to season conversation. I believe swear words are just that-words. When little kids cuss it cracks me up. Farts are great. If i'm lucky enough to be flipping through channels and catch a snippet of tit, I rejoice in my good fortune. I have always been this way. Even when I bought hook, line, and sinker what the WTS told me, I still found secret happiness in any "questionable material". When I would watch TV with my parents, my biggest fear was that a tampon, douche, or feminine deodorant spray commercial would come on. It doesn't make me a bad guy though. It's just my sense of humor. I begin to take offense when someone tries to tell me that I can't view whatever I want.


  • Abaddon

    More censorial "I know better than you" nonsence from the neo-Puritan unintelligencia...

    Anyone who lies about Tom and Jerry whilst complaining about swearing on television has an irredeemably screwed up moral compass...

    Here in Holland we have soft-porn on some of the normal TV channels late at night, and (believe it or not) you might even see a nipple in a commercial for shampoo.

    Somehow society has survived...

    Of course, if we returned to the MYTHICAL traditional values of the fifties we would also welcome back;

    • racism
    • misogyny
    • lack of reasonable self-determination for adolescents
    • homophobia
    • communist witch hunts
    • a carte blanche for wife beaters
    • no real chace of familial/parochial/insititutional sexual abuse ever being uncovered
    • if a girl did get pregnant, she was 'ruined', sent away to have it in secret and then be forced to give it up, or engage in a decades long charade pretending her mother was her daughters mother, or be totally disinherited and cast out'
    • compulsory millitary service
    • wide-ranging police corruption
    • massive death rates from diseases that are easily preventable or at least combatable nowadays

    I think a few nipples on TV and some swear words are a small price to pay to get rid of the nastiness and bigotry our politer, more bigotted grand-parents had to endure in their nipple and cuss-free lives... some people really need to get some fucking perspective... ooo, I said a bad word...

  • mrsjones5

    Great post Abaddon

  • itsallgoodnow

    Krystal said:

    Blessedstar: By your own beliefs, God will judge. Why do you feel the need to help him with the task?

    Bravo, Krystal!

    I really love Six Feet Under, it was one of my favorite shows. I was just coming out of the fog of JW thinking when I first started watching it, and the guys-kissing-guys thing wasn't something I was used to and it made me a little uncomfortable at first. I had to ask myself why would something like that make a person uncomfortable, and I realized I was still thinking like a judgmental JW. That really opened my eyes and made me question my attitude toward homosexuals and lots of other things, and I could see I still needed to change some things. So, for me, that show was more like art, really made me think, like art should.

    This isn't the first time I've heard religious Christians enraged about stuff like Sex and the City, etc. Just last week a lady at work was talking about it and said "that stuff just doesn't need to be on the TV". Well, then turn it off. But, I really think she was saying it doesn't need to be on ANYBODY's TV. That's what they really want - censorship for all in the name of doing what's best for the children. As if all the social problems in the world today will all magically solve themselves if we Christianed up television and movies. I don't know, maybe more people would "come to Jesus" if they never saw Sex and the City?

    Hey, if Christians want "cleaner" movies and tv, and there's a real demand for it, they should get it. But give the rest of us choices, you know?

  • BlessedStar

    This is not true, Get out of the big cities where no one has time for pleasantries and you will still find nice people. Treat people with respect and they'll return the favor. I never said there weren't nice people on this planet. But what kind of shows can children view that would impact positively in their innocent lives? Their minds have become corruted - most of them. And who should we blame? blessedstar

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