TV series&movies-CURSING!!!

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  • mrsjones5

    cuz BS says it's so (bite me!)

  • stevenyc

    blessedstar, is this a joke, or are you serious with your examples of moral turpitude?


  • mrsjones5

    so we shouldn't say "Lesbian"? Since when is that a cuss word? Good Lord

  • kittyeatzjdubs

    lol @ mrs. jones

  • Finally-Free
    Married people - in their thirties - occasionally talking about sex?!?!?!? OMFG!!! What is the world coming to?

    Sounds like a lot of marriages, eh? God help us all if they ever stop talking about it and actually begin doing it!


  • funkyderek

    BlessedStar sure watches a lot of TV for someone who hates it so much.

    I can just imagine her there with her little notebook scribbling angrily every time someone says "butt" or kisses someone with their mouth open.

    Imagine how much great television you'd miss if someone as crazy as her was in charge.

  • undercover

    Let's review the rating system as used in the States:

    G - General Audiences - all ages admitted

    PG - Parental Guidance suggested - some material may not be suitable for all children

    PG-13 - Parents Strongly Cautioned - some materail may be inappropriate for children under 13

    R - Restricted - under 17 requires accompayning parent or adult guardian

    NC17 - No one under 17 admitted

    G movies are considered by most everyone to be safe for anyone and everyone. PG movies may have some material that parents may find objectionable.

    It seems that a lot of people think that PG or PG-13 means that the movie is okay for kids. But it doesn't. Both of those ratings are telling parents that some guidance is needed.

    Someone mentioned "Shrek"...Using Shrek as an example: that movie was rated PG...'some material may not be suitable for all children'. As a parent, you've been warned...there might be something in there that isn't suitable. Now it's up to the parent to decide if their child is mature enough to watch that movie or not.

    So, here in the States anyway, the rating system is there to help parents look into the content of the movie to make the decision for their family, not to decide for them.

    If you think a G movie is too intense for your two year, then by all means, don't let the two year old watch it. It's your decision. If another parent thinks their 5 year old can handle a PG movie, that's their decision, not mine or yours.

  • BlessedStar

    "Bite me"

    A sexual reference and obscenity.


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    at least use a different pc, k?

  • mrsjones5

    We'd only be allowed to watch Mr Rogers

    But BS might think he's gay.

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