I think many of you will return to the religion one day

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  • Blueblades

    Free, I think the statement needs revision: They don't return to the "Religion", they return to their families, Parents, Marriage Mates, Children, comfort zone , etc. But , not the Religion. Many are there physically, not for spiritual reasons. They need the emotional support from their families, not from "The Society" or it's Religion.


  • DanTheMan

    For me and many others I'm sure, dubland became a discomfort zone. The thought of going back makes me giggle because it's so ridiculous!!!

  • JH

    I don't like the JW life, and never did, but was there for the carrot.

    Maybe I post often here in order to stay away from their sphere of influence.

  • KW13

    NO i disagree.

    I was hit by my stepdad (a christian eh?)

    Mum didn't believe me, and when she did it was too late (Jehovah didn't deliver me)

    When i leave i find lots of TRUE facts that prove they are liars, 607 bce thing for example

    When i was confirmed in the Church of England i was kicked out by my mum


    For me this is only part of my story but like the others here who have valid reasons for leaving the org, we have valid reasons for staying away, we know too much about it now. Did i leave at a bad time in my faith? Not really, my talks were good, i enjoyed the ministry e.t.c

  • mrsjones5

    ! object to the use of the word "many". I think you should have said "some". "Many" makes me think of a mass exodus and I know that ain't gonna happen.


  • Scully

    My dad told me that he knew someday I'd go back. I really had to bite my tongue to refrain from saying that it would be like a "dog returning to its vomit" and that I had no intention of doing something so disgusting.

  • wombat

    Come on all of you. Be honest...there are things that you all miss about being a JW.

    You miss the happiness....

    Remember how happy you felt when it was raining or snowing too hard to go out in field service ?

    Remember the happiness that you felt when the meeting was finally over ?

    Remember the happiness that you felt when you weren't found out about something ?

    Such euphoria is difficult to find in the "world".

  • daystar
    there is no chance 100% of you will stay away.

    True enough. The only thing I can say for certain is that there is a 100% chance that I will never return. The changes I've gone through cannot be undone and completely prevent me from ever returning.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Well the statement is self-apparent in a sort of obvious way isn't it?

    No one can say with 100% certainty about anything in their future. I can say that I am pretty confident that I won't get divorced, play snuggle bunnies with a guy or go back to a Kingdom Hall. But I can't literally say that with 100% certainty because no one knows the future. My JW friend has said he 'knows' I'll come back to Jehovah. Well good for him. I am not so arrogant as to say I know the future. If someone finds it comforting to 'know' what will or won't happen, it doesn't bother me in the least.

    Having said that, frankly I can't see anyone who is emotionally secure and mentally healthy being drawn into and staying in a high control religious sect. Jehovah's Witnesses tell as much truth as a Cap'n Crunch commercial, and they're about as healthy.

  • daystar

    You know what Big Tex? Perhaps you're right. Maybe someday I join the Masons and am assigned as a PO.

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