I think many of you will return to the religion one day

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    I think there is a huge difference between a person DF'd and a person who knows the truth about the truth.

    I dont think 100% will stay gone, but I do not think many here will ever even entertain going back.

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    Once you learn the truth about Santa Claus, it is pretty hard to go back to believing in him.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I think that in the past it would be true that many would go back. I even tried it around the 5 year out mark.

    But I think that is changing for many who find the internet and the real truth. People who find their way to this site (and others) find a sense of community understanding and belonging that they never would find out on their own or by going back.

    There have been some here who have tried going back (before they found JWD). Some have been DFed once, twice or even more times.. Some people here do keep a foot in the WT door. There have been some who have gone back - just a handful that I can think of. But it does happen. If anyone stays here after they are out (can't count the apologists in this) they realize going back and living a lie is just too hard and stressful to do.

    My hope here is that a bit of what I share about the recovery process helps people to understand the issues that might send them back. But there are so many people here who offer friendship, support and information. Those who have been lucky enough to live near other posters have such a huge advantage.

    This site adds a further bonus to posters here who see that those who have left (regardless of the way they have left) are moral decent loving people and are happy and successful in their lives..

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    lol can't talk for anyone else but I know down to my bones that I will never go back to the bOrg I was born into. Never got baptised in it, been gone for close to 20 years, not a chance in hell.


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    For that to even be a remote possibility, the WTS would have to change a lot of things. So many things, in fact, that they would no longer be recognized.


  • jonsey

    So it's safe to say that the Jones's are not coming back for the 06 JW reunion tour!

  • FreedomFrog
    But in the final analysis, the people who leave and move on are people who know who they are and what they want, and set out to get it.

    I think this is a good point. You have to rediscover who you really are. Not what you were suppose to be or act. The ones that can achieve that, I feel, will be the ones that can move on and be happy.

    I've seen ones that are DF'ed come back many times, but the ones that have decided to come out because of their research, they are the ones that can't return to the lies. Yeah, sure, some may, but how long will it be when they become "inactive" again. It's hard to continue something when you have proven it to yourself that it's lies.

    For me, I can't see ever going back. Though, I never was a "good" JW. I was inactive quite often. Very depressed and hated everything about it. I have family in as JW's, but they have their beliefs, and I mine. And once I discovered the truth about that religion, it's like any other high controlled groups to me. You see the JW's in a different set of eyes.

  • free2beme

    I hope you realize I am not making a list of people I think will go back. My point was only that some will, and even people I knew in the past who left and said they hated it and would never return, are in again and I am out for a decade now. I have no plans to ever go back and can not see anything changing that. Yet, I also said I would never leave.

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    Ya, there's a really good chance that Danny Haszard might go back one day. I'm pretty sure of it!

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