I think many of you will return to the religion one day

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  • Odrade

    I can't say for certain that 100% won't go back, but I can say with 100% certainty that I will never go back.

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    Can't go back because I don't believe the same anymore, and don't like the way they treat members in secrecy. Don't like being ordered what to believe, I think Jesus is my mediator, not the Borg....treat woman like second class. There is no love because they are all afraid to be close. and no love for anyone else because they are 'worldly' and of Satan's world. And the prophesies are all WRONG. No I can't go HOME anymore.........

  • Jourles

    I'd much rather choke on my own vomit while being electrocuted by the balls.

  • purplesofa
    The relationship with the organization is much like the relationship a battered woman has with the batterer. They often go back because they do get something out of the relationship. It is a co-dependency.

    I went from an abusive home

    to an abusive husband

    to an abusive religion

    to an abusive career

    and back to the abusive religion

    trying to break the pattern.

  • 95stormfront

    There's a better chance of Ray Franz being reinstated as a governing body member than me going back to that nonsense.

  • elliej
    it was just the comfort zone they felt at ease in

    Count me out. When I finally made the decision to leave it was like shrugging out of clothes that never fit right in the first place. The kind you are embarrassed to be seen in, that are too tight, constrictive, pinch and chafe like a burlap bodysuit made two sizes too small. Now I can't even read the Watchtowers without cringing at the thought that I ever bought into their crap. No, without a doubt, I could never, ever go back.

  • AuldSoul

    To take 95stormfront's certainty one step further, there is greater chance of my mother being appointed to the Governing Body than of me going back.

    While what you say is true, that some who post here will return, every year that goes by the percentage of returnees reduces right alongside the percentage of new recruits to JWism. Now people don't just leave, they find out why they left and find out why they never want to go back.

    Speaking of which, welcome JUG! You mentioned that they told you the right thing to do and you didn't listen, but I wonder whether they told you the right thing to do and let you decide or whether they told you what to do and you ignored their orders.


  • Carmel

    The swine will have to get a pilots licenses and get their float ratings and I still wouldn't consider abandoning what I am and have for becoming a UU again.


  • atypical

    Quotes said it all for me. Once you know the whole story, you can't go back to believing. At this point, my life is such a freakin' pain in the ass, I would go back just to get some relief. But the problem is, I have read and learned too much to be able to stomach it. I couldn't sit through even the morning session of one circuit assembly. It's over for me. I can't turn off my brain.

  • moanzy

    My guess is that if someone went back, they would only do it once. Its easier to spot how screwed they all are. Believe me I've done it!!!!!

    At least the second time, you start to recognize there is something really wrong with the whole picture and its easier to walk away from it a second time.

    While it is still painfull, I found it very satisfying to say to family "what are you going to do? Never talk to me again? I WILL LIVE!!!!!!"

    I would rather be diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour or alziemers than to be sentenced to be a witness for the rest of my life. At least the people that

    will be looking after me with these illnesses really DO love me and would take care of me because they DO love me.


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