I think many of you will return to the religion one day

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  • slugga

    Prior to coming here I might have gone back, I was brought up a dub, its who I am, i can't change that. But after finding out the lies we have been told, after realising the damaging effect the truth has upon peoples lives I cant go back. JWD has burnt my bridges, there's no come backs coming my way

  • Legolas

    Man oh man you must be doing drugs tonight are you!

    If I am one thing that is loyal...you break that trust and you are out on your ass forever baby...and that's if I don't come after you full force!

    Pigs will fly, hell will freeze over, and I will win 50 million dollars before I even step one toe in a hall again!

  • prophecor

    I can only speak for me. Though much of the struggle, strife and twisting myself around in my life, now comes from the beliefs that at once kept me imprisoned in my boxing with God, I know I can never walk into a Kingdom Hall ever again. The things that have gone down in history within the organisation will forever keep a fifty yards pace from all organised religion, and a 5000 yards pace from any association with the WTB&TS.

    I am grateful for their instilling in me a means of accessing helpful information from scripture, the issues of life after death, heaven and hell, and other biblical truths that many of your mainstream religions are not accepting of at this time, however, with the death and destruction of families, from the teachings that do not just brainwash, but emotionally and mentally rape the souls of many, and so I could never have any dealings with their organisation because of such said reasons.

    Its a poisonous, treacherous religion that looks all gooey good from the outside, but when you come in from the rain only to find how brutal and hellishly cold it is inside the walls of the Kingdom Hall, I would think that most would much rather take their chances on the outside of the Temple Gates as opposed to the struggle of having to constantly do dance after dance of belief change, new light and myriads of failed prophecies others have died in wait of fulfillment of.

  • JUG

    I"ve been gone for two years, all of my family was in it and to this day they still wont talk to me unless someone dies and even then some of them still won't. I go to pretty much all of my meetings,but I dont have any co-dependence on the organization. When I got discfellowshiped I wasnt happy about it, but being out in the world didnt scare me at all. I just thought to myself "Hey you'd better get you a life". so Istarted going to places I new people whould be, doing things like running at the park on the local college campus ,going to cafes and clubs, and I adventualy met people worth calling freinds. Even though I have to say that freinds & scocialising isnt what makes me happy and it is'nt the most important thing. The witnesses didn't strip me of my confidence as a person or make me scocialy disfunctional out in the world away from JW's, they just warned me of what could happen if I chose one path over the other,and I chose the other. The consiquinces where that I lost my family and freinds. I was born and raised in the truth and even though they kicked me out I bear them no ill will at all. As for the contradictive and miss leading things that they sometimes teach those people know what they are doing and they pay for it constantly, not only that but if god is the way they preach he is then he will make them pay. The reason that I am not angry at them for the loss of my family and freinds is because they warned me before I got dicsfellowshiped that it would happen if I didnt take the rite direction and I didnt listen so its my fault. I'm not trying to defend anyone, I'm just making a point. As for going back and being reinstated I love my life just the way it is no one is there to bother me about my buysness and the way I choose to live. No one expects me to get mixed up in thier drama and most of all I don't have to nock on any ones door anymore.

    Hello everybody I'm the new guy

    Hope I didn't offend anyone

  • Legolas

    Welcome to the board Jug!

    Nice to meet you.

  • skeeter1

    Free2bme is smoking something illegal. Elvis, like all of us, has left the building.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Lessee now......

    The WT-BATS has many, many failed predictions/prophesies.

    Everything they teach promotes a judgMENTALity, a superiority complex and hatred among their members and against everyone NOT one of their members. They are hate-mongers.

    Their blood policies have killed/are killing thousands.

    They protect pedophiles and rapists and ostracize their victims.

    No, there's nothing valuable there for which to go back.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    100% positive I won't! .... I've NEVER been a dub - thank gawd!

  • Honesty

    I worship Jesus. That is the reason I can never go back to the Watchtower.

  • daniel-p

    There is an old saying... I think it's something like... "when pigs fly." Something like that.

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