to all jw apologist.....if your religion is so full of love then why....

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  • Gretchen956

    JWs who talk to DFd or DAd family are the EXCEPTION rather than the rule. Its sick, its wrong, and its inexcusable.


  • Death to the Pixies
    Death to the Pixies

    <<I don't think you quite understand the level of PAIN and ANGUISH you are stepping into when you posted this.>>

    Reply: I think it shows it is on an individual level. If we are going to discuss this in a civil manner, I do not think asking for the details of her situation (given the fact she has requested my opinion on her broad generalizations) is wrong. I do not shun my sister because she has problems, she is a sweet person who tries. Does this mean I am against "shunning". No, it is a biblical doctrine and is not "unloving necessarily". I have a brother who was never baptized, but I do "shun" him. Why? He's an idiot (I say that with love of course) who does stupid things and thinks it is OK. Do I love him? Yes, that's why I take the stand I do.

    If this just a "Pain and Anguish" thread, I see no point being furthured by contiuing. However, if this is a thread to discuss and get to the bottom of things, I may continue. Basically, I need to know if "Kittieeatsdubz" is an idiot (again with love) who does stupid things and thinks it is OK :>)

  • Death to the Pixies
    Death to the Pixies

    Kittie: Did my mother move to Florida without so much as a phone call or a letter letting me know? I found out from my ''WORLDLY'' aunt, 4 months after she had already left.

    Reply: Of course, this seems needlessly difficul and coldt on the the part of her mother. But this type of stuff does not include me, and anybody I know really.

  • Death to the Pixies
    Death to the Pixies

    <<JWs who talk to DFd or DAd family are the EXCEPTION rather than the rule. Its sick, its wrong, and its inexcusable.


    Reply: Going to have to politely disagree with you on this one. It has it's place in the Christian arrangement. Even in non-religious situations, say those who seriously abuse drugs, at some point an ultimatum is in order from those who love them.I am going thru it with my brother, nothing else works. I cannot let him think what he is doing is not serious. . This does not apply to Kittie here I am sure, but the act itself, while not being proper in all instances, is not inexcusable.

  • Think

    Why they are extortion and Racket ????

  • Death to the Pixies
    Death to the Pixies

    <<had an affair w/ a married man from another congregation. but his own wife has forgiven me before my own family........

    so i guess that makes me a whore unworthy of my mother's love.>>

    Reply: Sorry, I should have been more careful, I was not looking for intimate details. My apologies. You are not a whore obviously, you are 20. I was 20, in college at one point in my life, mistakes happen.

    I see my joking ealier did not fit the tone of the thread, I will bow out.

  • Think

    It is the most sc@$%$#@, f@#$%, hypocritical, crappy, weird, UNloving, Sadistic..... ????

  • theinfamousone

    i have a better realtionship with my ex gfs parents than i do with my own... if i were to talk to my father, it would escalate to either aggression, threatening or violence.... and we can just be talking about the weather... my poor mother still believes in the head of the house hold bullshit, so she supports him, and basically ignores me at all times, really deep down she feels guilty for allowing the beatings, shes a coward! my lil' sister is theony bright spot in my family, and i took many a beating for her sake... damn, i hate my dad...

    the infamous one

  • kittyeatzjdubs
    Basically, I need to know if "Kittieeatsdubz" is an idiot (again with love) who does stupid things and thinks it is OK :>)

    do i do stupid things? yes. i'm human and imperfect.

    but do i consider myself an idiot? hell no! i have pulled myself from the lowest point in my life and i am a better person now than i have ever been. i haven't touched any drugs (besides beer) in over a year. i am a 20 year old with my own office and a good position in a well paying job. i own my own car. i pay rent. i pay taxes. my only problem now is that i live with the man i love.

    i honestly do not understand how someone can sit there and say that they believe shunning is ''ok''. you've obviously never been shunned by your family. there are so many things that i've accomplished this past year...i'm proud of me and matt is proud of me...his family and friends are proud of me. i would love to call my mother and tell her everything i've done, but i can't because i don't know what her number is. i don't even have an address to send a letter too.


  • jambon1


    The truth is no-one deserves shunning. If its a bible doctrine fine, is the bible always right? Is it right to live by book which sentances people like you to be stoned to death (law to Moses) - again, any right thinking person would say no, no, no!!

    I genuinely pity any parent who shuns his/her offspring (unless its for VERY good reason). JW`s shun people who make everyday mistakes, people who have weaknesses. It is an offense to humanity. This must do untold mental damage to a 20 yr old like you and the thousands of others who suffer the same fate.

    And I dont swallow this crap about most witnesses not being so hard line like your mum. - its simply not what I`ve seen.

    Please keep your chin up.


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