Jesus = Ancient Pagan gods??

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  • Midget-Sasquatch

    I remeber reading some of that stuff. I also found the movie The Clan of the Cave Bear interesting to watch. I think that the modern day gore fans would be interested in a movie adaptation of the Bacchae by Euripides.

    Back to the topic, the Dionysian cults and Mithraic cults have that same idea of ingesting the totem to commune with their god and somehow share in that god's power.

  • BlessedStar

    Just wanted to know from the book...

    What were the reasons for the others' sacrifices?

    I know Jesus shed His blood for us to redeem us.


  • IP_SEC
    I know Jesus shed His blood for us to redeem us.

    Yes blessedstar,

    It has to do with salvation and redemption in the pagan mysteries too.

    quote: You [Mithra] have saved us by the shedding of eternal blood.—Inscription, Santa Prisca Mithraeum in Rome
  • stevenyc

    Lilycurly: "Steve, what is that behind you in your avatar? "

    that would be my finger. behind my finger is a pyramid icon, placed by the grave of paster russel by the society.


  • Lilycurly

    LOL!!! HA!! Not what I thought, but even more funny!LOL!

    I really thought it was some kind of Viking or Maya artifact,lol.

  • daystar


    Regarding Horus/Osiris

    From what I understand, he was killed by Set (the Egyptian counterpart for Satan, more or less) in battle and resurrected by Thoth (Hermes/Mercury). I honestly have not found any rationalization for his death such as there has been said to be for Jesus re: a redemption for mankind.

  • LittleToe

    What, you didn't like the reference to the dearth of American history???

    Can I have my haggis back, please?

  • startingover


    You need to show her your avatar large enough so she can read what's printed on your shirt. It's classic!

  • Lilycurly

    Is that an "I'm with Stupid shirt"!??hehehe. This photo should be exposed.

    (Lilycurly- the shameless self-hijacker.)

  • skyman

    I am amazed that this thread is being left alone by the apologists. I have read several books concerning this topic and I am totally shocked to have found this information. we need to be opened minded, most Christians fall under the term skepticism which is a mask for the ignorant, we need to be skeptical which means to know the topic we are skeptical about, we need to study with an open mind always willing to be wrong. The first time I heard this wild crazy theory I laughed and then tried to prove it wrong. When I emerged from the fog of disbelief only one conclusion could be reached that is the conclusion of a mass distortion of truth, which started as early as the first century AD has been waged with the great severity. Over half of the world under its control. The myth of Jesus Christ. Look at the fanaticism we see in the world perpetrated by the religious elite all of this has been a real shock to me. Never will I be blind again.

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