Jesus = Ancient Pagan gods??

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  • Midget-Sasquatch

    Interesting ideas there unclebruce,

    If Paul were a Herodian (as at least one scholar posited), he'd definitely have a vested interest in keeping the Establishment going. There were a number of messianic movements (anti-roman) in Palestine around Paul's time. James the Just (the Bishop of the Jerusalem Church if not the first archbishop for the entire early christian movement) was apparently very popular with most of these Palestinians. Someone Rome and the Herodians wouldn't mind quieting. If there's actually some truth to the PseudoClementines, then Paul physically attacked James (with a piece of wood) at the steps of the Temple. Its tantalizing to consider the idea that when that approach proved ineffective he opted to co-opt the movement with an influx of Gentiles, and teachings syncretized with some of the popular pagan mystery religions

  • RunningMan

    I'm currently puttering with a chapter on this very subject for my Atheist's Book of Bible Stories. Unfortunately, it's just so damn long. Everything in the Bible seems to be copied from other myths - the flood, Moses, Samson, Esther, Jesus, Satan.

  • LittleToe

    You really don't expect me to believe that the Jews started making stuff up and absorbing the history of first nations and those adjacent to them, like the American's do you?

    Just because Babylon displaced them, in 586BC, is no excuse in calling them diabolical mimics of the American dream!!!

  • NYCkid

    You've made a good point. From my own research and studies, I've discovered that many Hebrew and early Christian beliefs and practices that are observed even today, were borrowed from their pagan neighbors. This is similar to contemporary times where we borrow and adapt customs from other cultures as well. God forbid (pun intended) this information become well known. For example, the idea of a virgin birth (a virgin becoming pregnant) existed prior to Jesus' birth in Roman pagan cultures and somehow found it's way into Christianity and later in what we now know as the Bible.

    That's why I am humored when I observe WT publications and even people on this discussion board nitpick and support thier doctrine with dates millenniums ago (e.g. 607 BCE, etc) that happen to be mentioned in the Bible.

    Thanks for bringing this up. I was not aware of what you discovered and will look into this further for my own education.



  • Lilycurly

    Running man....I honestly can't wait to read that chapter of Atheist book!! It will be a keeper, as always.

    I would also like to have an apologetic point of view...any suggestion?

  • stevenyc

    and don't forget Krista / Christ / Krishna. Total rip-off.


  • Lilycurly

    Steve, what is that behind you in your avatar? It looks ancient and cool.

  • RunningMan

    Actually, the first one of these that I ever noticed, came about completely by surprise. I was reading one of the books in the "Clan of Cave Bear" series, and it talked about a festival that the people of 20,000 BC held. All of the tribes (clans) would get together for an annual summer festival. The host clan would raise a member of their totem in captivity. In this case it was a cave bear. The festival would consist of feasts, contests, and other activities.

    The highlight was when the best warriors from each clan would fight the totem. Eventually, one of them would prevail and would be honored. The totem would then be butchered and eaten. It was believed that by eating the totems flesh and drinking its blood, you would take on its attributes (strengh, courage, etc).

    Well, now, that struck me very clearly. The primary ritual of Christianity is communion, where you symbolically drink the blood and eat the flesh of God. In fact, the only ritual recognized by JWs is their modified communion - the memorial.

    Imagine. All these years, I had been taught to avoid pagan rituals, when the #1 JW celebration is nothing more than a very thinly disguised pagan ritual.

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    Steve, what is that behind you in your avatar?

    LOL *Lilycurly hijacks her own thread, saves me the labour*

  • Lilycurly

    Lol, so sorry!lol I couldn't help myself!

    Um...okay...back on that thing behing you on your avatar be in anyway related to ancient pagan gods...that might be related to Jesus's story?

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