Seriously, they`re burning down our embassys now.

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  • Simon
    Hmm.... I've been censored. My post of the "offending" cartoons, which was at the top of this page, is now completely gone.

    Yes, I removed them. Please feel free to host your own website and post them on that if you feel you need to share. As someone said on the radio, Muslims are now doing what Jews, Christians and other groups have been doing and that is using "offence" as a political weapon and are keen to take offence whenever possible to further their agenda. I don't care much for any of them.

  • tetrapod.sapien

    The Stupidest Religion

    Christopher Hitchens

    I would not want the job of deciding which monotheism, let alone which faith, was "the stupidest." For one thing, one becomes lost in an Aladdin's cave of multiple choice. I do not think that Islam is dumber than, for example, the output of the Jehovah's Witnesses.



  • Hellrider

    News update: The latest news is now that demonstrators in Afghanistan has armed themselves, and are now attacking our garrison in Meymaneh (north of Kabul), with grenades and handguns. There are around 300 demonstrators, and there are 50 norwegian troops there, and some from Finland. Five norwegian soldiers are injured from shrapnel, and they are firing back first with teargas, rubber bullets and warning shots, but the latest is that one protester is now confirmed dead, so they may be firing live rounds now. In addition to this, the danish embassy in Kabul has been stormed by protesters.

  • Gill

    'Islam is a peaceful religion.' How many times have you heard that?

    However, how many times have you heard - 'Actions speak louder than words.' ?

  • greendawn

    They are not a peaceful religion, if we read the Koran we find many places where it encourages aggression against the "infidels". Even right now they are trying to destroy the Christians in the south of Sudan, it's a fifty year war. They are killed, driven away from their places or forced to accept islam.

  • funkyderek


    Hmm.... I've been censored. My post of the "offending" cartoons, which was at the top of this page, is now completely gone.

    Ha! That's nothing. My post which contained a cartoon about the offending cartoons was also removed, and my new "Mo-bomb-head" avatar disappeared. I guess they contravened the rules somehow - or maybe Simon's afraid of a fatwa

  • Hellrider

    I think we should cut Simon some slack on the "censorship"-thing here. After all, if some insane mullah should put a fatwa on us (lol), then the forum-owners would be the easiest to track, even if he hasn`t said anything derogatory about Islam or their prophet. The moslems seems to make no distinctions about such little "unimportant details" when it comes to issuing death threats. In comparison, the spokesman for the association of press in my country, has been labeled responsible for the printing of the Mohammad-cartoons, and have received numerous death threats - although he had absolutely nothing to do with the printing of these cartoons. There`s even a website somewhere with a computer-animation of him having his head blown off! So I think it would be wise to respect the forum owners decision on not posting the drawings here. If we want to make a statement, better to print a T-shirt with the cartoons on them, or something. A few years ago, after the first Gulf war, I got hold of a T-shirt with Saddam Hussein on it, with his hand raised in the air (like a Hitler-salute) with the printing "Saddam Hussein - Middle eastern tour, 1991-92" - and on the backside, the tour stops, with most of them having "cancelled" next to them (except Kuwait, lol). I loved that T-shirt, even some moslems I met got a kick out of it. I`m sure someone will see an opportunity on making some money by priting Mohammad-shirts pretty soon. I`ll bye one, that`s for sure.

  • Pole

    I got a sixpack of Carlsberg, and I'll drink to Mohammad tonight. Pole

  • Hellrider

    News update:

    An angry, armed mob of about 300 people stormed the norwegian garrison in Mainmanah north of Kabul earlier today. The protesters threw handgranades and fired their handguns into the garrison, which is the base for 33 norwegian troops, and some from Finland. The norwegian troops, who are there under the mandate of the NATO peacekeeping force, answered the fire with tear gas, rubber bullets and warning shots over the heads of the crowd, after at least five norwegian troops had been wounded. The Afghan police-forces were less subtle though, and fired with live rounds into the crowd, resulting in at least four casualties among the protesters. U.S. fighterjets were put into action, and came to aid the garrison by patrolling the skies above the garrison (known in military terms as "show-of-force") - to frighten the crowd away from the garrison. British troops are now also being brought in to aid the norwegians. The situation is calmer now, but far from stabile. Norwegian aid workers in the area (doctors, nurses, engineers etc), are now being evacuated from the country, or are preparing to be evacuated. Apparantly, a few Mohammad-drawings were more important than the health of their own people, as well as the rebuilding of the countrys infrastructure...

    In Iran, the danish embassy was attacked and torched yesterday, and today, it was the norwegian embassys turn. The embassy personell has been brought to safety.

    ...and check out this guy, Abu Hamsa el-Masri, which the British has now put in prison with a 7-year-sentence for inciting murder and racial hatred:

    Such a shame to put a pretty face like that behind bars...

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