Seriously, they`re burning down our embassys now.

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  • Hellrider
    Having said that, this seems to be a problem restricted largely to arab muslims. We dont see these protests and fanatical reactions in turkey, bosnia or in the asian muslim populations, at least, certainly not to the same degree.

    Usually, no, but remember Beslan, in which moslem fundamentalists, acting on behalf of Tchechnya, massacred hundreds of school-children, to prove a point. That there is something seriously and ...fundamentally wrong (...) with Islam, should be evident to everyone, after Beslan. If there is a hell, may the pigs that did those atrocities in Beslan, burn in it for all eternity.

  • NowImFree

    I think it is just amazing that they do this kind of stuff and then they can't figure out why people think they are scary! I mean people get offended all the time. I would be offended by someone painting a derogatory picture of Jesus, but that certainly doesn't mean that I would hate the person who did it or want then to be executed! I heard that in Palestine, one of the Hamas leaders was ranting that the people responsible for the cartoons should have their heads chopped off! People in some countries were yelling death to France and death to the Danish. I'm sorry, people like that are just nuts. Anytime they are angry about something, they turn to violence and death threats. I am sure not all are likes this, but it seems like many are. Most countries that are a majority muslim, have few rights for non-muslims and worse, in some countries, non-muslims are persecuted or killed if they won't convert.


  • z

    Palestinians protest Danish cartoons
    Associated Press, THE JERUSALEM POST Feb. 4, 2006
    Hundreds of Palestinians took to the streets in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank on Saturday, with several dozens storming European buildings and burning German and Danish flags, to protest cartoons deemed insulting to the Prophet Muhammad.
    A leader of the Islamic militant group that recently won Palestinian elections told an Italian newspaper that those involved in the cartoons should be put to death. And 6,000 protesters turned out in Nazareth for the first demonstration against the caricatures on Israeli soil.
    The cartoons have caused a furor across the Muslim world, in part because Islamic law is interpreted to forbid any depictions of Islam's holiest figure. Aggravating the affront was one caricature of Muhammad wearing a turban shaped as a bomb with a burning fuse.
    The cartoons were first published in Denmark, and then in newspapers elsewhere in Europe in a show of solidarity with press freedoms.
    Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar told the Italian daily il Giornale on Saturday that the cartoons were an offense that should be punished by death.
    "We should have killed all those who offend the Prophet and instead here we are, protesting peacefully," Zahar said.
    In Gaza City, demonstrations weren't all peaceful.
    About two dozen protesters stormed the German government cultural center there, smashing windows, breaking doors and burning the German flag. Down the street, about 30 Palestinians threw stones at the European Commission building, and replaced the EU flag with a Palestinian flag, before police brought them under control.
    About 50 schoolchildren and teenagers gathered at one corner of the street shortly after to try to resume the attacks on the two buildings, but Palestinian riot police, armed with batons, pushed them back. The youths threw stones at the police, then fled.
    Later in the day, about 400 protesters marched to the European Commission building, accompanied by a loudspeaker car that blared, "Insulting the prophet means insulting every Muslim," and urged merchants to boycott Danish products. Protesters also set fire to a Danish flag.
    Police set up a cordon at the building to prevent stone-throwing, but protesters heeded organizers' appeals and didn't attack the building. Most of the demonstrators were merchants who called for a boycott of European goods, and many carried small books of the Kuran, the Islamic holy book.
    Masked Palestinian police under police guard repainted the wall outside the commission building to erase graffiti demanding a boycott.
    A spokesman for the German consulate in Ramallah, Alexander Eberl, said the Gaza office would be closed until further notice. And in Brussels, the European Union called on the Palestinian Authority to protect EU buildings from attack.
    "The Commission expects the Palestinian authorities to ensure that European premises are properly protected," the EU said.
    Separately, about 400 Muslims and Greek Orthodox Christians gathered later in Gaza City to express solidarity against the caricatures.
    And armed men with links to the Fatah Party handed out red carnations at a Roman Catholic school in the city to apologize for other Fatah gunmen who threatened earlier to target churches as part of their protests.
    "We came to show that we are united, Muslims and Christians, and that we oppose assaulting our Christian brothers," said one gunman, flowers in hand.
    In the Gaza town of Khan Younis, about 200 women supporters of Hamas marched through the streets, chanting, "We are ready to redeem you with our souls and our blood, our beloved prophet," and "Down with Denmark." Some carried placards calling for a boycott of Danish products.
    Boycotting Denmark was also a theme at a protest in the West Bank town of Hebron, where about 50 Palestinians burned a Danish flag and chanted, "We will redeem our prophet, Muhammad, with our blood."
    In Nazareth, thousands gathered peacefully, with women and children wearing green Islamic Movement banners around their heads, and men in the front row of the protest march walking with arms linked, and chanting, "God is Great."
    Some carried signs in English reading, "Infidels, your day will come," and "Don't hurt our prophet's feelings."


  • Gregor

    If the Red Sea ferry disaster or the Pakistan earthquake had killed thousands of non muslims the muslims would be dancing in the streets, not offering aid. Don't get me started on these sheepfuckers. Can you imagine how long it would take them to decide wether or not to use a nuke on the cartoonist and the city he lives in? 30 seconds? In a way, I'm glad that Iran is defiantly proceeding with their nuclear weapons program. They will leave the west no choice, somebody is going to have to settle their hash.

    If we in the west are so naive and sheltered that we can't recognize a real enemy and act decisively, then we are in deep doodoo. We need to fight like cornered wildcats as Israel does.

  • Gregor

    hey, I said don't get me started.

    Remember those great horror movies of the fifties like "War of the Worlds" and, my fave, "The Thing". There was always a naive do-gooder that wanted to 'reason' with the evil monster and try to be friends. They always got zapped or had their heads knocked off.

    The Islamic extremists have shown again and again how much 'mercy' they are capable of - zero.

    (Speaking of 50's horror movies, "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" is a great analogy of what the JW's do to people. But that's another thread)

  • ballistic

    Gregor, I can't see every single muslim burning embassys or even flags for that matter. The fact that *some* people act this way is not a reason to prejudice a whole nation or religion or region. You are comparable to someone saying that all blacks are criminals.

  • mkr32208

    Actually, I think we should just turn Israel loose on them for about 15 minutes! That would be the END of this problem for as long as it took the 23 survivors to repopulate the Muslim area over there!

  • greendawn

    They copied most things from the judeo-christian tradition and think that they are better than christianity, they forget that they came 600 years later and expanded as a religion through war, destruction and forced conversion of the conquered to islam.

    There were plenty of Christians from Arabia to Morocco before they started, now there are none except those in Egypt. And those in Sudan further south they are trying hard to eradicate them by conversion to islam or genocide.

  • mkr32208

    I don't entirely agree with gregor.

    I think that most of the muslims who have LEFT the middle east are the moderate and "sane" muslims! I think that 95% of those who chose to remain in that region are a danger! 100% of those who were out of the area and chose to go BACK are a danger! If my family was in the middle of the middle east war zone as a SANE person I would move and take my family out of danger! Those that stay or return are the hardcore, the ones who wish to make things worse!

  • z

    I lived in the Middle East and I had daily contact with Muslims I know how the think of the rest of the world “Jews, Christians, are better dad than alive”
    I spike Hebrew, and Arabic one day I was lessening to the Myosin (Muslim priest) in Jerusalem after Friday’s prayer he said “first will tack care of Saturday people and after the Sunday ones” this is coming from a MAN OF GOD …… ya right

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